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Autumn is among us..

It’s always sad to say goodbye to the long summer days, but there is peace that comes with the beautiful, warm glow that comes with this time of the year. The nights are getting cooler and the days shorter as we all cozy back in to our homes and the rhythms of our lives.

It is always a great time to snuggle up with your comforting wool bedding but it gets better and better as the nights get cooler. To celebrate this transition from Summer to Fall, we are offering 25% off on our Wool Filled Comforters in all three weights! There really isn’t anything much more comforting that surrounding yourself in an Organic wool comforter.

We are happy to offer a sale on different products throughout the year so that you can add new products to your collection of pure wool bedding. We have a product for nearly every use that will bring comfort and rest to you and your loved ones!

Our wool comforters are one of our most popular and essential products. Between our Summer weight, All seasons and Winter weight comforters, there is a comforter that will work for everybody, all year round and in every climate.

As pure as can be, our wool comforters are filled with our Premium Eco Wool batting and encased in a soft organic cotton textile. Wool is naturally hypo-allergenic and breathable, making it the perfect alternative to down and synthetics. You will never sleep better than with pure wool!Protect your wool filled comforter with an Organic cotton duvet cover by Coyuchi.

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