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Presenting…the New Organic Evaya™ Bliss Mattress!

Say hello to the newest addition in our mattress lineup for organic, blissful sleep

It’s a whole new era at Shepherd’s Dream! What began with our simply beautiful flagship All Wool Mattress has grown into an effort in service to the healthiest, most comfortable night’s sleep possible. With one third of our lives spent in bed, we figure the bedroom is a really important room of the house—maybe THE most important.

Then came the Cascade Latex Mattress, and now, it’s time to expand our offerings again. The popularity of foam and latex mattresses, plus the bed-in-a-box phenomenon, has shifted the mattress market. As much as we love the two mattresses we sell, we receive a lot of feedback from folks who still want a coiled mattress or aren’t ready to fully dive into the wool mattress system, but want all the assurance of organic, all-natural materials. 

So we’ve been scouring the market to find the best options—not just any mattress can be a Shepherd’s Dream mattress! It must align with our values and stand up to our rigorous standards for quality, comfort, safety, and that magically luxurious feeling that can only come with an all-natural sleep experience.

Presenting…the New Organic Evaya™ Bliss Mattress! 1

Meet Evaya™ Bliss!

Just like Shepherd’s Dream mattresses, the Evaya Bliss is handcrafted here in the United States. Several layers of organic materials combine for the sweetest of dreams:

  • Individually-Wrapped Coils. Pocketed coils made from upcycled steel help minimize disturbance from your sleep buddy and maximize supportive comfort.
  • Latex. Forest Service Counsel-certified Talalay latex serves as the core of this mattress for just the right amount of give. It’s ventilated to allow airflow and prevent overheating, unlike synthetic memory foams.
  • Wool & Cashmere. Organic wool features in several layers on either side of the coils for both safety and comfort. Cashmere adds that luxurious touch and bolsters wool’s temperature and moisture regulating powers. 
  • Organic Cotton. Both GOTS and Made Safe certified organic cotton fabrics encase the mattress for peace of mind, as well as softness to the touch.

This may be one of the most decorated mattresses on the market. Each layer, material, and component is carefully considered, and Evaya carries certifications from and memberships with:

  • The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
  • Made Safe
  • Forest Stewardship Council
  • Wool Integrity NZ
  • The Organic Trade Association
  • Eco Institut
  • Sustainable Forestry Initiative
Presenting…the New Organic Evaya™ Bliss Mattress! 2

So How Does it Sleep?

As we expand our mattress offerings, we’re carefully curating a full range of sleep experiences to meet as many sleepers’ needs as possible. To understand how the Evaya Bliss fits in, let’s review our legacy mattresses. (It also helps to know what your needs are based on your sleep position—check out our guide on that.)

  • The All Wool Mattress is a futon-style mattress layered with 5 inches of the fluffiest EcoWool batting, and as soft as that is, it actually makes for a rather firm sleeping surface. This is why it’s best thought of as a sleep system. For next-to-body softness, we recommend our mattress toppers, either the 2” Travel Mate or the 3” Snuggle Mate. And for some nice squishy give, we recommend the Cascade latex base between the wooden bed frame slats and the mattress, especially for side sleepers. Having these modular layers allows sleepers to dial in their perfect level of support. Overall, the All Wool Mattress is great for back and stomach sleepers. 
  • The Cascade Latex Mattress was added to our lineup for those wanting a nontoxic alternative to the memory foam mattresses on the market—just responsibly-sourced latex and a bit of EcoWool®, wrapped up in organic cotton. With its body-hugging softness, it’s especially wonderful for side sleepers, and offers the same all-natural, chemical-free promise as our wool mattress.

So how does the Evaya Bliss measure up?

It’s a wonderful, medium-firm middle ground between these two mattresses, and is a great all-around mattress for all types of sleepers. With its individually-pocketed coils, it provides the springy support to which many people are accustomed, but without the concern of your partner waking you up with their tossing and turning. The wool and cashmere comfort layers regulate your body temperature and allow for airflow, preventing you from overheating during the night. The hybrid construction gives sleepers the best of all worlds, and its traditional silhouette easily fits your existing bed frame.

Presenting…the New Organic Evaya™ Bliss Mattress! 3

More Blissful Sleep Options at Shepherd’s Dream

For over 25 years, Shepherd’s Dream has been a trusted source of all-natural, chemical-free bedding products that contribute to our sleep quality and wellness. We’re grateful to expand our selection to meet more needs while maintaining the same high standards and integrity.

For anyone wanting to tiptoe into the organic mattress market, the Evaya Bliss is the perfect option for both comfort and quality. And stay tuned as we continue to add to our family of organic and all-natural mattress options! 

Thanks for tuning in, give us a follow on Instagram, and as always, sweet dreams!

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