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Shepherd’s Dream Recommended by World’s Leading Expert on Toxic-Free Products

DADD Recommends Shepherd’s Dream

For more than 30 years, Debra Lynn Dadd has been researching and recommending toxic-free companies to consumers. She’s written several books and now has a directory of thousands of recommended products and websites at Dadd is considered one of the leading experts in toxic-free living.

Dadd just recently started evaluating more specific products and writing letters of recommendation.

We are honored to say that eight Shepherd’s Dream products now have Debra Lynn Dadd’s official recommendation! These include:

Dadd says in her letter that she studies “publicly available scientific data on the possible health effects of each material” to make sure each product she recommends meets her high standards.

She believes the wool Shepherd’s Dream uses to make its products is the best out there. Dadd sees the many benefits that quality wool offers, such as better sleep, thermoregulation, natural resistance to mildew and mold, natural resistance to fire, and zero toxins.

Not only does Dadd recommend them, she also uses them in her own home:

I have been sleeping on a Shepherd’s Dream all-wool mattress for more than fifteen years and it’s still like new. I have the mattress, two wool toppers, wool pillows, a wool comforter, and the wool felt, all from Shepherd’s Dream. And I love my bed. I just love knowing the care that goes into everything about these beds, knowing where the sheep were raised, and where it was made. It’s completely a product of nature and love.

At Shepherd’s Dream, we strive to make the highest quality products that add to your quality of life. All of our wool bedding and mattresses are made from pure and organic materials that you can feel good about sleeping on.

To find out more about our commitment to quality and sleeping your natural best, read our philosophy and mission statement.

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