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Help Make Shepherd’s Dream a Winner of Green America’s People & Planet Award Contest

Have you heard the news? The Shepherd’s Dream team is so excited and honored to be a finalist in Green America’s People & Planet Award!

The People & Planet Award recognizes a select few US small businesses for their dedication to a green economy: a bottom line that includes protecting workers, communities, and the environment. Twice each year, Green America awards two $5,000 cash prizes in a range of green business categories, such as zero-waste, worker empowerment and sustainable food.

If we’re fortunate enough to win this contest, we’ll use the winnings to fund an energy efficiency upgrade to our production area lighting systems. We would be able to reduce our energy consumption by close to 70%!

Our Commitment to Community

Our company values our local community, economy and environment. As pioneers in the American natural mattress and bedding industry, we’ve worked hard to revitalize a sustainable domestic wool source. The humbling responsibility towards locally handcrafted products not only supports our delicate economy in Northern California, it also benefits our global ecology and future generations.

At Shepherd’s Dream, we’re always striving for ways to improve sustainable practices and reduce our carbon footprint. Rather than dealing in factory-made goods, our pledge to fine craftsmanship ensures that your all-natural bedding is deeply rooted in an ancient tradition that values lasting quality versus planned obsolescence.

This pledge towards revisioning the disposable nature of the conventional bedding industry is reflected in every step of our business: from the sheep farm to our production center, and from our offices to your home.

Healthy Wool Bedding — For You and the Planet

Did you know that around 50,000 mattresses are thrown out daily in the United States? Our all-natural wool bedding is completely biodegradable and need not contribute to our landfills. What’s more, our products are completely non-toxic and healthy options for your health and our fragile planet. It’s our lifework to help you sleep your natural best!

We hope that your vote can help us continue on our mission towards all-natural and sustainable wool bedding! You can vote for your TWO favorite businesses by September 30, 2018 at 6:00pm ET.

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