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Century Bed by Puritas Furniture Company



Evoking the spirit of Danish modern designs from the 1950s, our Century bed is crafted for timeless elegance and style. Each frame has unique character, warm wood grain, and sheen from the hand-rubbed finish.

Please Note: Bed frames can take 1-3 weeks to ship. Please contact Customer Service at (800) 966-5540 for specific shipping information.

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The Puritas Furniture Company beds are classically designed with studied proportions of the solid hardwood frame. The slatted frames are optimized for support and breathability. Each frame has unique, hand-worked details and is easy to assemble without tools. These frames are as beautiful as they are functional. Rest easier knowing that your bedroom furniture was made with thoughtfulness and good intention.


Each piece of the Century Bed is made one at a time, this is not factory furniture. These frames are made to order.

Using only the finest North American hardwoods, Puritas takes the time to hand pick each board, celebrating the woods natural character and creating visual harmony in the final appearance of the piece.

Whether it’s the time-tested traditional joinery techniques or hand-rubbed finishes, Puritas takes the time to do things right.

Puritas rejoices in the experience of a paper thin curl of wood as it shoots out of a sharp hand plane. We believe that handmade things have a certain quality that recommends them above relentless technological perfection.


Perched on the edge of the wilderness in the foothills of Mt. Shasta in far Northern California, Puritas Furniture Company is a small, low impact, family-owned woodworking and design studio immersed in and inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Puritas believes it is a revolutionary and deeply caring act to support local and regional craftspeople and the communities in which we all live. Puritas strives to provide you with beautifully designed and finely crafted classic hardwood furniture while keeping the footprint low and leaving the factories, overseas shipping, and the politics out of it.

These classic designs will never go out of style. The high quality materials and craftsmanship mean your furniture can last a lifetime.

The hardwood lumber comes from carefully managed North American forests. These producers follow the strictest standards in order to ensure long-term viability through sustainable harvesting and management practices. The native west coast softwoods are sourced from carefully managed private lands. Puritas can also accommodate requests for reclaimed and salvaged wood options as well.

Puritas promotes the use of non-toxic finishes and healthy environments. The preferred finish is an all-natural, zero-VOC combination of beeswax, linseed oil, and pine resin. This blend is not only non-toxic to the maker and the end user, it is also easier on the environment in its raw ingredients and production.

Puritas also participates in active waste reduction and recycling programs. In addition all power is provided by renewable sources through Pacific Power’s Blue Sky Energy Program.

Size Width Length Headboard Height Platform Width Platform Length Platform Height
Single 42 3/4″ 79 5/8″ 35 1/2″ 40″ 76″ 14 5/8″
Single XL 42 3/4″ 84 5/8″ 35 1/2″ 40″ 81″ 14 5/8″
Double 57 3/4″ 79 5/8″ 35 1/2″ 55″ 76″ 14 5/8″
Queen 63 3/4″ 84 5/8″ 35 1/2″ 61″ 81″ 14 5/8″
California King 75 3/4″ 88 5/8″ 35 1/2″ 73″ 81″ 14 5/8″
Eastern King 79 3/4″ 84 5/8″ 35 1/2″ 77″ 85″ 14 5/8″

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Linda D.
Wonderful bed frame!

Everything for the frame came in 3 packs. Very very well packed. Getting the packaging off was harder than putting the bed together. After it was together my wonderful wool mattress fit exactly and the whole bed is so comfortable. I recommend this bed frame for any of the wool mattresses. I'm a very happy customer.

A C.

My husband and I bought the King size century bed at the beginning of the summer, and we have been so thrilled with our purchase. The craftsmanship is exceptional, the bed provides excellent support for our split king latex mattress, and Patrick’s customer service throughout the ordering and delivery process was above and beyond.

The design of the bed is thoughtful and simple. It can be put together in less than ten minutes, and easily taken apart and reassembled. There are not many high quality beds out there that you can say that about. We recently needed to rearrange our bedroom, necessitating moving the bed over by a couple of feet. We were easily able to take it apart and set it up again in the new location within just a few minutes. The quality and design of this bed is truly exceptional!

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