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Restorative Yoga Bedding


Restorative Yoga Bedding

Support your practice with restorative wool bedding and yoga accessories.

Efficient exercise is solidified with supportive practices. Resting the body on recuperative bedding allows our efforts to set. Wool is an ideal natural fiber to encourage healthy patterns. Wool is temperature regulating, resilient, and deeply comforting.

Choose a natural fiber that supports your healthful practices.

Unlike most conventional restorative bedding, at Shepherd’s Dream we are dedicated to uplifting the healing properties of wool and creating natural bedding that aids healing practices. Our products are 100% synthetic-free and 100% non-toxic. Not only is our bedding beneficial for the individual, wool is also biodegradable and sustainable for the environment.

Restorative yoga accessories are an investment in your personal health, happiness, and well-being, which is why we’ve made it our mission to offer quality bedding and accessories directly to consumers at an affordable cost.

child's pose on yoga felt

Most of our restorative yoga bedding and accessories are made by hand. This attention to detail encourages health over profit and dependability over planned obsolescence.

Surround yourself with restorative wool bedding.

At Shepherd’s Dream we offer several products to support restorative yoga practices. From more active accessories such as the Yoga Felt and the Meditation Pillow, to more supportive bedding such as our Sleep Pillows and Wool Topper – we are dedicated to offering healthy and comforting wool products.

Browse our restorative yoga bedding to find a supportive accessory that is just right for you. Made with local EcoWool and organic cotton, our products are designed to support our health.


Felted Yoga Pad Mat

Restorative Yoga Felt

Place our yoga felt on your natural latex mat during restorative yoga practices or use as padding during more active poses. Our yoga felt is elegant and effective.

Our light yoga felt is made with organic wool from New Zealand. Our marbled yoga felt is made with local EcoWool. Both felts are hand washable and can be cared for with seasonal sun and air. Place your felt in direct sun to naturally bleach any discoloration and allow the elements to revitalize the wool.

Floor Pillow Cushion

Holistic Meditation Pillow

This meditation pillow provides superior comfort for extended periods of floor sitting and assists in maintaining good posture. Made with local EcoWool batting and encased in organic cotton sateen, this pillow is an ideal companion for minimal seated positions.

Dedicate a floor pillow to your meditative practice. Our wool meditation pillow helps to relieve body aches and pains.

Model restoring on wool sleep pillows

Invigorating Sleep Pillows

Our wool sleep pillows are the ultimate supportive and rejuvenating bedroom accessories. Wool is both temperature regulating and moisture wicking, meaning that this fiber naturally deters mold and mildew by maintaining a dry and neutral environment. Choose a pillow that reinvigorates you while you rest.

Made with local EcoWool batting encased in organic cotton sateen. The wool fill will compress 30% – 40% within the first 6 months. Ensure even compression by varying where you place your head in the first few months of regular use. Caring for your wool bedding is easy: simply sun and air your pillow seasonally to sun-bleach discoloration and revitalize the wool.


Therapeutic Wool Topper

Take the healing properties of a wool pillow to the next level with our wool toppers. Laying your body on wool has so many benefits: from temperature regulation, to moisture wicking, to therapeutic relief of aches and pains. Adding a wool topper to your existing mattress greatly improves your quality of sleep.

Made with local EcoWool batting and encased in organic cotton sateen, our wool topper is the ultimate companion for a natural bed. Wool is considered an active fiber, meaning that it actively works to offer you support and relief. In turn, caring for your wool topper greatly extends its lifespan. Being mindful of even compression in the early months while your wool sets is ideal.

And that’s not all! At Shepherd’s Dream, you can find everything you need to design your own custom restorative bedroom set, including:

Why choose Shepherd’s Dream

There’s a reason Shepherd’s Dream is the go-to source for all-natural, luxury bedrooms. Since 1997, it has been our joy to deliver the highest quality natural bedding and bedroom furniture to a growing population of natural product lovers in the USA, Canada, and around the world.

Based in Montague, CA, we are proud to handcraft bedding that is 100% chemical-free, American made, and all natural. We believe it’s important to be stewards of the Earth, which is why we only use environmentally-responsible industry practices and sustainable production techniques.


  • Made from 100% natural materials
  • No chemicals or flame-retardant toxins
  • Handcrafted in California, USA
  • EcoWool batting
  • Sustainably made with eco-friendly materials and techniques
  • Available in: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King & Cal King

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A taste of holistic bedding: Try a Shepherd’s Dream sample kit

Not ready to buy? Order a Restorative Wool Bedding Sample Kit!

Try out our yoga felts and other natural bedding solutions such as a wool topper, wool mattress, comforter, mattress protector, Merino wool blanket, and latex base layer.

This is a great opportunity for people who don’t live near one of our bed testing facilities to try out a luxury bedding set first hand.*

*We charge a nominal fee of $50-60 to cover shipping costs to and from your home. If you decide to purchase wool bedding items totaling more than $500, we will subtract this amount from the merchandise total of your final order plus include a coupon for 10% off your first order.

Restorative Wool Bedding Sample Kit


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