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Mini Micro Massage With Wool!

blog post 9-8-15 (4)Yes! Here is a natural and affordable way to introduce muscle relief and comfort into your everyday while using medicinal & wonderful wool!

Wool filaments are created in such a way that they stimulate neuro receptors in our skin and produce a balmy and calming effect on our physiology. When we hurt we need touch to help us relax and heal. Wool simulates stroking techniques used in therapeutic massage (gentle dubbing, laying of hands) and provides the reflex need for touch that increases a bodies comfort. Wool next to the skin also decreases our sensitivity to pain. This happens due to a localized use of thermal energy produced by wool which initiates blog post 9-8-15release of muscle tension, relief of stiffness in our joints, and an increase of blood flow. All of these can contribute to a greater sense of well-being by a release of endorphins that then nullify the sensation of pain. Try an unusual spa treatment of a wool bath. Instead of being engulfed in water be immersed in a wrapping of wool. It creates relaxing and natural warmth, reducing chronic pain and stimulating micro circulation. View our raw materials.

Shepherd’s Dream Medicinal Wool Scarves are a fantastic addition to your artillery for combating the stress and tension from our everyday. They are super lightweight and make for great traveling companions in the car, on a train, or while in flight on an aeroplane. View our wool scarves.

blog  post 9-8  (2)Using a Shepherd’s Dream wool filled Neck Roll is another excellent way to incorporate muscle relief into your day… They also travel well and are excellent for neck pain relief and to ease lower back strain. Encased in Organic cotton and with a washable organic cotton cover these tiny miracle pillows create major comfort. View our neck rolls.

blog post 9-8-15 (3)Shepherd’s Dream also extends a wonderful offer of free neck rolls with the purchase of any wool surround package… A luxurious sleep experience including a wool topper, wool comforter, and wool pillows which contributes to a heavenly restorative experience promoting a peaceful start to a blessed day! View our wool surround.

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