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The Annual Black Sheep Sale Event

The Annual Black Sheep Sale Event

We’re shearing prices on select items! If you’ve been waiting for the right time to buy, this may be it.×-627-px-3.jpeg

Ringing In Holiday Season 2022

It seems like the holiday shopping season begins earlier and earlier each year. We’re still working through the stash of Halloween candy when retailers put on the festive soundtracks and stock their shelves in anticipation. As a sustainability-focused company, we’re keenly aware of how our current consumer culture drives so many of the issues involved in waste and environmental impacts. And yet, as a retailer, there’s no denying the collective expectations around this time of year, and we’d be crazy not to take part. 

So then the question becomes…

How consciously can we do it? How intentionally can we align our values with our spending?

Toward a Conscious Circular Economy

We recently launched our Zero Waste Ewe-nitiative®, and we’re carrying that spirit with us into the holiday season. 

Every product we sell is made with the utmost care and conscientiousness, so you can rest assured that your purchase, whether for yourself or as a gift, has both you (or the receiver) and our planet in mind and heart. 

As a bedding company, much of our product line doesn’t really scream “Impulse buy!” or “Holiday gift idea!” However, when you know the magic of wool and natural fibers, you know…and there are some great ways to share the benefits of wool and all-natural products with those you care about. And let’s be honest—it’s a great time of year to buy some lovely items for yourself too! 

The Sale

From now until November 28:

22% off all Ashland Organic items

11% off Cascade Latex Mattress

22% off all Icebreaker Apparel

And exclusively in store, if you’re within reach of our downtown Ashland showroom, enjoy 11% off all Coyuchi items! Not to mention you’ll be able to browse so many other great gifts and stocking stuffers that aren’t on the online store. Come say hello!

Spotlight on Icebreaker Merino Wool Base Layers

We just wrote about outfitting ever-growing kids in natural fibers on our Counting Sheep Blog, and how our Merino wool base layers can be purchased a size or two up for maximum wearability. We also carry Icebreaker’s premium Merino wool base layers for adults too, providing soft, comfortable warmth all season long for the whole family. (Psst! The base layers also make great nontoxic pajamas.)

Icebreaker is a company doing it right, from the ground up. They have all the hallmarks we look for: ethical treatment of the sheep, sustainability awareness, and a high criteria for wool. Their products are top-shelf quality and luxuriously practical. It’s a great time to stock up, or to gift that outdoor adventurer in your life. 

Natural fiber clothing for outdoor pursuits took a hit several decades ago (thanks cotton!), but wool base layers are superior to synthetics for several reasons. They have many of the same performance characteristics of synthetics—breathability, lightweight, comfortable, moisture-wicking, maintains warmth even when wet—and none of the drawbacks, including being made of unsustainable plastic and that signature stench that never seems to go away no matter how well you wash it. In fact, wool has the ability to absorb sweat without getting stinky for several wearings between washings, adding to the garment’s longevity. 

However you spend your holidays, we hope you’re surrounded by family and friends and enjoying all the season has to offer. Season’s greetings!


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