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Ashland Organic Black Sheep Sale 2022

Ashland Organic Bedding on Sale

Just imagine it—drifting off to dreamland every night and awakening each morning wrapped in pure, luxurious, organic comfort… If you’ve been eyeing our Ashland Organic bedding, now is the best time to buy! Our Ashland Organic Wool Pillows, Comforters, and Toppers are 22% off during our Black Sheep Sale now through November 28, 2022.×-627-px.jpeg

Why Organic?

Shepherd’s Dream was founded on the pursuit of the healthiest sleep environment possible, and our Ashland Organic line of bedding is a perfect addition for anyone seeking to cozy up their bedroom as healthfully and sustainably as possible. 

Our organic wool comes to us from the land of New Zealand, where sheep roam freely on rolling green pastures and the tradition of sheep tending goes back generations. The wool comes through the Wool Integrity NZ™ program, ensuring important considerations such as humane animal welfare, environmental sustainability, traceability, wool quality, and fair labor practices.

There are many great reasons someone would seek out certified organic products:

  • Great for allergies or sensitivities. Organic means no chemicals are used at any stage of the product’s journey, so those with allergies, asthma, or sensitive skin can breathe a sigh of relief. 
  • Better for the environment. No pesticides are used for either the cotton or the wool, and organic cotton also uses less water to grow. Compared to synthetic fabrics made with plastics, natural fibers will degrade, leaving less behind in landfills.
  • Better health. No toxic treatments, harsh dyes, or flame retardant chemicals. Zero worry!
  • Breathable comfort. Unlike synthetic fabrics, both organic cotton and wool allow air flow for that just-right amount of warmth. And we think the softness next to skin is incredible!

We sleep for a third of our lives, so investing in organic items is money well spent. Whether you’re upgrading to wool pillows, craving the coziness of a wool comforter, or dreaming of the nest-like comfort of a wool mattress topper, our Ashland Organic line will help turn your bedroom into your favorite room in the house. 

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Wishing you comfort and joy through this holiday season!

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