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3 Reasons to Sleep On Our Cascade Latex Mattress

3 Reasons to Sleep On Our Cascade Latex Mattress

While Shepherd’s Dream is all about wool, there is another all-natural mattress material with its own wonderful benefits—latex. In recent years, foam mattresses have become popular for their comfort, however not all foam is created equal. A little research shows a great difference between synthetic memory foam and natural latex, and there are some important considerations for those of us who value a healthy, non-toxic sleep environment. This is why Shepherd’s Dream offers our high quality Cascade Latex Mattress—read on to learn more!

1 – Sustainability

Any mattress we carry must respect the Earth. While wool far and away excels in this category, natural latex also has a respectable environmental footprint, especially when the natural rubber is ethically sourced. Mattress-grade latex comes from the sap of Hevea brasiliensis, a tropical rubber tree, and ours is grown on plantations in Guatemala according to our high standards. No habitats are disrupted or species endangered in this process. The sap is then processed in the United States, and our manufacturer is certified with Oeko-Tex 100®, the Forest Stewardship Council®, and the Rainforest Alliance. 

A latex mattress has a long lifespan compared to traditional coiled mattresses and can be recycled, keeping unnecessary material out of landfills. This is important to consider because many major mattress brands must find a way to deal with mattress returns from unhappy customers, and quite often, these are thrown away. To date, we have yet to have a single Cascade Latex Mattress returned! It’s also flippable and washable, adding even more years to your purchase as compared to other latex and foam mattresses that are built to remain on one side only.

In addition, our Cascade Latex Mattress is constructed with our EcoWool® batting and organic cotton encasement. You simply won’t have to sacrifice your environmental ideals for a comfortable mattress. 

2 – Comfort

Speaking of comfort…this may be the number one reason mattress buyers turn to latex. Both memory foam and natural latex help provide more peaceful nights by helping to control motion transfer. If you, or someone who sleeps next to you, are more active overnight, a latex mattress could prevent sleep disruptions—and it might just save your relationship too!  

Where latex excels over synthetic memory foam is in its internal structure, because it has natural air pockets in it that assist with ventilation of body heat. This helps our Cascade mattress keep you cool in the summer, cozy in the winter. Latex is also a bit more firm than memory foam, which is important for two reasons. One is that you won’t sink as far into the latex mattress as you would a memory foam mattress, which can cause body heat build-up, and the other is that this compression of memory foam isn’t ideal for all sleeping positions. That’s something that stomach sleepers can celebrate. 

3- Health

This part is simple. Would you rather sleep on a mixture of dozens of chemicals such as polyurethane, acetone, toluene, and methyl chloroform, or on a mattress made from the sap of a natural, sustainably-raised tree? 

With latex, there is no off-gassing. If you’ve ever ordered a synthetic foam mattress, you know that it can take several days to air out before it’s tolerable. And those with allergies or chemical sensitivities may never be able to get a good night’s rest on one, since the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) never goes away. Our Cascade Latex Mattress will respect your bedroom’s indoor air quality significantly more than any standard synthetic mattress on the market. 

As you know, when it comes to mattress buying, there’s a lot of marketing jargon out there, making it difficult to discern which products reflect the quality you’re looking for. Some companies blend their latex with synthetics or construct their mattresses with other materials that may contain VOCs. When you purchase a Cascade Latex Mattress from Shepherd’s Dream, you can rest assured you’re receiving the highest quality and that we respect your comfort, your health, and our planet.

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