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Upgrading Dorm Room Comfort: Bedding Essentials Every Student Needs

Upgrading Dorm Room Comfort: Bedding Essentials Every Student Needs

It’s that time of year…new students are heading to campus and moving into dorm rooms and college apartments. Even though they may be leaving the nest, it doesn’t mean they have to sleep on the usual college bedding: institutional mattresses, flimsy futons, questionable comforters, and old pillows way past their prime. 

Here at Shepherd’s Dream, we know that wherever you go, there you sleep! So if you know a recent high school grad or a returning college student, send them off with sweet dreams. You’ll rest easier knowing that after they pull those all-nighters, they’ll sleep soundly in a fluffy wool cloud of pure and natural comfort. 

Aside from all the regular insulating, breathable, durable benefits of sleeping with wool (read more on that here), there are special considerations for campus housing. Many of our items are perfect for dorm life or those formative college apartments. From cozy wool comforters to  wool mattress toppers, we’ve got you covered – literally! 

And right now, many of these are 11% off during our Back to School Sale! Let’s have a look.

Upgrading Dorm Room Comfort: Bedding Essentials Every Student Needs 1

Dorm Room Considerations

Most dorm rooms are quite small, so the bed performs multiple functions for sleeping, lounging, studying, and socializing. And storage is at a premium. Here are some things to think about before outfitting a student’s room. 

Size and Fit. Dorm room beds come in various sizes, so it’s crucial to determine the bed dimensions before purchasing bedding. Twin XL is a common size for dorm beds, and bedding must fit this size for optimal comfort.

Mattress Protection. A quality mattress protector can safeguard against those inevitable spills.

Warmth and Season. Consider the climate of the area where the school is located. Students may need lightweight bedding for warmer months and warmer options like comforters for colder months. It’s wise to go for non-bulky layers that can be used separately or together for just the right amount of insulation. 

Pillows and Cushions. Having supportive pillows for sleep, and cushions for studying or lounging, can enhance comfort and functionality.

Washing and Maintenance. Our wool bedding items are easy to care for, so they won’t have to lug it to the laundromat. All that’s usually required is an annual sunbathing session and the as-needed spot cleaning with our Eucalan wool cleanser. 

Allergies and Sensitivities. These are quite common these days, especially amongst the younger generations. Our hypoallergenic, chemical-free bedding options won’t trigger any reactions for your student or their roommates. 

Upgrading Dorm Room Comfort: Bedding Essentials Every Student Needs 2

The Shepherd’s Dream Dorm Room Essentials

The All Wool Surround Bundle

Wrap them up in wooly goodness! Wool topper + comforter + pillow. This is our deluxe package that gives you a sweet deal when you purchase them together.  

The All Season Wool Comforter

Our most versatile comforter weight, for wherever they go to school and whatever season. They can customize it with their choice of duvet cover for personal style and easy laundering.

Wool Mattress Toppers

Whether you opt for the Snuggle Mate, Ashland Organic, or Travel Mate, any of our wool toppers will give them a perfect place to cuddle up for the night. This alone can really help transform a less-than-comfortable dorm mattress. 

Wool Pillows

We’ve got several to choose from for every sleeper. It might help to ask your student how they tend to sleep most—back, side, stomach, or all the above?

Wool Mattress Protector

Help shield that topper with our washable wool mattress protector. 

Organic Cotton Sheets & Wool Blankets

Many of our Coyuchi sheets come in Twin and Twin XL sizes. Both our washable Merino Wool Blanket and Shasta Blanket come in multiple sizes, including a convenient throw size for extra comfort. 

Upgrading Dorm Room Comfort: Bedding Essentials Every Student Needs 3

Sending Them Off in Comfort

Dorm life can be both exciting and challenging, but having the right bedding essentials can make a world of difference in ensuring restful nights and a comfortable study space. College years are a unique chapter of life, and investing in quality wool bedding ensures that they’re off to a great start on their journey.

Wishing all the college students a great start to their Fall term! Be sure to check us out on Instagram and Pinterest for more about the wonders of wool and healthy living. Sweet dreams!

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