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Partners in Our Sustainable Future—Danu Organic

Here at Shepherd’s Dream, it’s an honor and a privilege to work with Mother Nature for the benefit of our customers and the planet via our Farm-to-Bedroom practices and Zero Waste Ewe-nitiative. We also know that while it’s the right thing to do, it’s rarely the easiest thing to do. 

We’ve been incredibly fortunate to meet others on the path who also believe deeply in their mission to align their livelihood with best practices for the betterment of Earth and human health, and we are committed to creating a community network of mutual support and consumer awareness. As more and more people come to understand the importance of Earthcentric living, we can strengthen the demand for products and services that not only don’t harm the Earth, but actually benefit it and us. 

We are thrilled to partner with Danu Organics to begin offering our Shepherd’s Dream audience more options for the healthiest night’s sleep possible. Once you’ve dialed in your mattress, your pillow, and your bedding, why not turn your attention to the very fabric adorning your body nearly every moment of our lives?

Danu Organic

Meet Sarah Danu! Sarah is the founder and creator of Danu Organic, a Northern California-based company radically devoted to creating “clothing that is healthy for our bodies, the earth and everybody involved in the growing and making process of our garments.” 

In Sarah, we feel a resonant kinship, and because we love her vision and her work, we knew we just had to connect with her. With the same meticulous eye for detail that we give to our process and product, Sarah Danu crafts clothing for a healthy body and planet, knowing truly that the two are not separate. 

Via her own health journey, Sarah came to recognize the intimate connection between our skin and the fabric we put closest to it. She discovered that the clothing industry, from the source of the fibers to the manufacturing process, was fraught with challenges. She set out to craft clothing with as much integrity as possible: “An apple with plastic skin could never be called organic and we don’t think a shirt with plastic thread can be either.” So she looks to nature for everything, from the biodegradable thread to the natural dyes to the corozo nut buttons.

The result is mindfully modern, yet classically beautiful, clothing guaranteed to shift your personal environment as well as our planetary one. 

Shepherd’s Dream + Danu Organics = The Ultimate Sleep Experience

Are you ready to up-level your dreamtime? The Danu Organic Paros Sleep Shirt is the perfect complement to our all-natural, organic, and sustainable mattresses and bedding. Made from cotton organically grown by a farmer-owned cooperative in Texas that is then spun and knit into fabric in North Carolina, the sleep shirt is sewn together at a women-owned factory in San Francisco and adorned with buttons harvested from the corozo nut tree in Ecuador. Just wow! 

We personally love this sleep shirt—it just feels different! It’s something difficult to put our finger on, but we suspect there is something magical about living closer to nature in ways that make sense to our bodies and our souls. And we won’t even blink an eye if you pair this with your favorite leggings for a jaunt around town. 

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