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100% Organic Bedding for Adults, Kids & Babies

Get the best night’s sleep you’ve ever dreamed of on soft, luxurious organic cotton sheets and bedding sets naturally made in the USA

Pesticides, toxins and other harmful chemicals don’t belong in your food or cosmetics, so why are they often found in beds considering that’s where you spend about one-third of your life? For instance, most 100% cotton sheets are treated with toxic formaldehyde to reduce wrinkles, even though formaldehyde is a known carcinogen that has been proven to strain your immune system.

At Shepherd’s Dream, we believe creating an all-natural environment for both your body and your home is an important part of a healthy, happy and sustainable lifestyle.
We are pleased to offer a wide selection of affordable natural bedding solutions. Our high-quality organic cotton sheets, organic comforters and wool-filled pillows are soft and durable. Rest easy on bedding that is completely free of all chemicals and sustainably produced. Our sheets are made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton by Coyuchi, a California company that manufactures a beautiful line of organic cotton sheeting, bath products and more.

In addition, our 100% certified organic wool mattress topper consists of 2 inches of our certified organic wool batting and is encased in certified organic cotton sateen. This topper is certified organic by Oregon Tilth.

When layered with an all-natural mattress, plush wool pillows, merino wool blankets and other natural sleeping solutions from Shepherd’s Dream, our organic bedding sets for single, single XL, double (full), queen & king beds ensure a healthy and fully restorative night’s sleep.

Natural Bedding Reviews

“We finally took the plunge this year and bought the 5″ mattress to replace an organic latex mattress that had ‘cratered’ (that was an expensive mistake). The quality of the construction on this mattress is just fantastic! It’s very, very firm, which is what we were looking, but we found that it works best for us paired with the latex strips and the wool topper. I love the modularity of this system — you can swap out layers until you get to ‘just right.’”

Home and Gardening

“Excellent products. Great value when you compare to other similar items (hand made in the US, local/natural/organic material, etc). I’ve had my wool bed for nearly a decade & will never switch back to a normal mattress.”

Home and Gardening

“Incredibly well made…unparalleled comfort…worth every penny…you will wake up feeling refreshed every morning! I use it with a 3-inch latex mattress, topped by the incredible Snuggle Mate, and organic wool mattress protector…and wool pillows of course!…Best sleep system ever….this is the best investment in your health and well-being that you can make…”

Home and Gardening

Why Choose Organic Bedding?

Organic cotton sheets made without dyes and chemical bleaches are softer and gentler on your skin. Pillows made with natural or organic cotton or wool provide superior protection from allergens.

In addition to not being treated with toxins like formaldehyde, organic cotton and pure wool bedding is naturally flame resistant and not treated with harsh chemical additives.

Organic cotton and wool fibers are breathable and remarkably silk-like, providing greater comfort than man-made fabrics that do not breathe well and greater all-season comfort throughout the night.

Did you know it takes less water to produce organic cotton compared to conventional cotton? Support sustainable farming practices by purchasing organic cotton products.

Sleep more soundly knowing natural and organic bedding is better for the environment because the materials are raised and processed without harmful chemicals.

Organic bedding is usually stronger and lasts longer than conventional bedding. It resists wear and tear better since chemical processing weakens the fiber.

Where to Buy Organic Bedding?

Shepherd’s Dream is an industry-leading natural bedding store based in Montague, CA. All of our products are locally sourced, sustainably produced and handmade with the highest quality materials right here in the USA. Our sheets are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton by Coyuchi.

Since 1997, it has been our joy to deliver high-quality natural bedding and excellent customer service to a growing population of natural product lovers in the USA, Canada and around the world.

Browse our online store when you’re ready to shop sales for organic and all-natural bedding.

Order Your Sample Bedding Kit

Not ready to buy yet? Try out our organic cotton sateen sheets and other natural bedding solutions such as a wool mattress, mattress topper, comforter, mattress protector, merino wool blanket and latex slats.

This is a great opportunity for people who don’t live near one of our bed testing facilities to try out the wonders of wool first hand.*

*We charge a nominal fee of $50-60 to cover shipping costs to and from your home. If you decide to purchase wool bedding items totaling more than $500, we will subtract this amount from the merchandise total of your final order.

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