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The Ultimate Wool Comforter Guide

Imagine it—you, waking up late on a Sunday, rolled up and cozy in bed after a dreamy night’s sleep. You smile and pull the comforter up to your chin as you snuggle down a bit deeper, perfectly warm and comfortable, until the promise of coffee and breakfast lure you out of bed.

The Ultimate Wool Comforter Guide 1

This dream can be yours! Our handmade wool comforters are one of our most popular items for a reason. Timeless and versatile, they provide just the right amount of warmth while remaining perfectly breathable and helping you maintain a comfortable temperature overnight. You may love it so much that it finds its way onto the couch for movie night, the van or trailer for camping season, or on the road with you because you just can’t sleep with anything else! It’s also getting to be that gifty time of year, so if you love your wool comforter, consider gifting one to a loved one this year.

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Let’s introduce you to our line of stellar personal insulators!

Why Choose a Wool Comforter?

So many reasons…

  1. Breathability, Thermoregulation, & Comfort. It’s tough to beat wool for its superior management of hot and sweaty sleepers (see more on that here). Wool allows airflow and wicks moisture away from your skin. In addition, have you ever slept with a down comforter and had it just float away or shift dramatically while you sleep, leaving you shivering? Down is a bit too light and lofty sometimes, while our wool comforters are pleasantly weighty, but not heavy.
  2. Allergies & Sensitivities. With our wool comforters, there are zero chemicals and zero allergy or sensitivity concerns. Anyone sensitive to VOCs or other synthetic chemicals will love wool. And anyone with a dust mite or down feather allergy can rest easy—wool doesn’t attract the little buggers, and it is a fantastic hypoallergenic down alternative.
  3. Durability & Longevity. Our wool comforters are made with compression in mind, so after an initial phase of settling in, it will retain its loftiness for years and years. Give it a good refluffing from time to time.
  4. Humane Animal Treatment. We work closely with our woolen mill to ensure that the wool we use comes only from humanely and ethically raised sheep. The EcoWool® in our products comes from nearby ranches who have committed to regenerative practices and respect toward their animals. Our organic wool comes from New Zealand and is GOTS certified for safety and purity. This is where our wool excels above most down comforters—down feathers often come from unethical animal treatment processes. 
  5. Maintenance & Cleaning. Our wool comforters are easy to spot clean, and the wool doesn’t take on allergens and dust mites over time. Take it outside for some sunshine once or twice a year, and an occasional fluffing if you so desire. 
The Ultimate Wool Comforter Guide 2

Our Comforters

We carry several options made with EcoWool®, a wool sourced from Southern Oregon and Northern California that is raised ethically, humanely, regeneratively, and thoughtfully. At no point in the process are any harsh or harmful chemicals used. Just pure, clean wool that we encase by hand in organic cotton sateen fabric.

  • All Season Wool Comforter. Our best seller for its versatility. For most people with four seasons, this one is it. 
  • Summer Weight Comforter. For those of you in places like Florida or Arizona, we have a wool comforter for you too!
  • Winter Weight Wool Comforter. Weighing in at double the weight of our All Season Wool Comforter, this is for all you folks in the Klondike or who feel like you are because you’re never warm enough at night. 

For you organic lovers, we’ve got a certified organic wool comforter as well.

  • Ashland Organic Wool Comforter. Certified free of chemicals or synthetic materials. Similar to our All Season Wool Comforter, the Ashland will happily see you through four seasons of comfortable sleep.
The Ultimate Wool Comforter Guide 3

The Accoutrements

Did you know that our comforters love to accessorize? We carry a wonderful selection of certified-organic duvet covers by Coyuchi, and sometimes our wool comforters love to buddy up with our wool toppers and wool pillows.

The Magical Benefits of Wool

With over 25 years of selling wool bedding, one thing has become abundantly clear to us—wool is the ideal fiber for sleep. Customers are often surprised at how much better they sleep and how much better they feel the next day. Body aches and pains are eased, and allergies and sensitivities diminish. And we all know that when you’re able to get good sleep, everything else in life improves too. 

Happy cozy time season, everybody! Until next time, may you have sweet dreams. (And don’t forget about our Instagram giveaway!)

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