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Healthy Sleep Series: Caffeine

Healthy Sleep Series: Caffeine

Caffeine is ubiquitous and even celebrated in our culture—from the usual coffee and tea, to soda and energy drinks like Red Bull—but it does not come without its side effects. In addition to causing uncomfortable jitters, it may also be the reason many people have a hard time getting great sleep.

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Shepherd's Dream Organic Wool Mattress

 Improve your sleep with Our Organic Wool Filled Topper!

One of our most popular products and the perfect addition to any bed is our 3″ Snuggle Mate Wool Filled Topper. Filled purely with our Premium temperature regulating EcoWool batting and encased in a soft, durable organic cotton textile, this mattress topper will last for at least 15 years with proper care. Our Snuggle mate is tufted throughout so that the wool will not shift or bunch up with use. Add this topper to your mattress to help relieve body aches and pains, including arthritis and everyday back pain, for a restful night’s sleep.

Add the Benefits of Wool to ANY Bed!

  • Place a natural, breathable layer between you and your mattress
  • Wool bedding has been proven to bring a deeper, more restful night of sleep
  • Reduce bedroom allergens with a wool mattress topper
  • Relieves painful pressure points and adds additional softness to your bed
  • Is naturally flame resistant and free of toxic chemicals

The Miracle of All-Natural, Organic EcoWool

Our soft, all-natural, non-toxic, and sustainable EcoWool fill is the magical solution to differing comfort needs in partner sleeping. To receive ultimate breath-ability and comfort, combine the Snuggle Mate with our wool mattress, a 100% natural latex mattress or a cotton futon. Wool is the ideal fiber for the sleeping body as it responds to your changing needs.