Wool Sponges


$10.99 for 2

Climate Beneficial™ Natural Wool Sponges from Fibershed partner Full Circle Wool.

These durable yet surprisingly soft sponges are an Earth lover’s best tool! Reusable, washable, naturally antimicrobial, and compostable from wool grown by sheep in Northern California.

Use them as you would any conventional sponge – washing dishes, scrubbing pots, wiping down surfaces – you’ll never use disposable sponges again! They can even replace disposable paper towels for cleaning. When you’re ready for a new sponge (lifecycle is about 3 – 6 months depending on use) toss them in your compost to return them to the soil.

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Climate Beneficial™ Natural Wool Sponges from Fibershed partner Full Circle Wool. Sponges will shrink and felt more due to the nature of wool. Use as you would conventional synthetic sponges or paper towels.

Care Instructions: 

While these can be thrown into the washing machine on a delicate cycle, we recommend hand washing when possible with a gentle earth-friendly dish soap and always line dry with plenty of air circulation. Do not cut product as these will shrink about 10% after the first few washes. Please compost when you are ready for a new sponge.


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