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Organic Cotton Sateen



Our Organic Cotton Sateen is only available to order over the phone. Please call 1-800-966-5540 for availability.
Make your own bedding, clothing, sheeting, curtains, or anything else you can think of. We offer two types: silky smooth organic cotton light sateen is a luxurious, 230 thread count fabric ideal for comforters, clothing, and pillow cases. The 344 thread count thick sateen is for greater durability.
Both types are sold in yard length widths (36″), with the light sateen having a length of 113″, and the thick sateen having a length of 92″.

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By choosing organic you are helping to reduce the amount of pesticides and herbicides used in growing cotton and supporting a trend towards sustainable farming practices.

Our imported, GOTS certified organic cotton sateen has a 230 thread count and is undyed. With a width of 113″, this fabric is appropriate for many different types of projects. This fabric is grown and manufactured in India.

Our domestic GOTS certified organic cotton sateen is a thicker sateen textile with a thread count of 322 and is also undyed. With a width of 92″, this fabric is great for those projects that need more durability.

Why Organic?

  • Conventionally grown cotton is one of the most heavily treated crops in the world.
  • If all cotton currently produced in the world was grown organically, we would see a 25% reduction in global insecticide use.
  • Conventional agricultural methods can cause water contamination.
  • Many EPA-approved pesticides were registered long before extensive research linked these chemicals to cancer and other diseases.
  • Organic is better for you and the planet.

Sateen is a slightly shiny and very soft fabric that is often described as buttery because of its smooth feel. Sateen holds bold colors well while maintaining its softness and is known to resist wrinkling, making it easy to care for.

Sateen is a weave in which many threads are aligned tightly together in the vertical direction, creating a flat, smooth, shiny and very soft surface on one side of the fabric and a slightly matte one on the other.

Please call us for pricing on single pieces larger than 5 yards.

Light Sateen: Yard Amount X 113″
Thick Sateen: Yard Amount X 92″

Customer Reviews

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Excellent quality, beautiful fabric (good weight, strong but not overly heavy and still soft). Made a snuggly wool comforter with this and the eco wool for my son--he loves it.


Very soft and smooth fabric. Easy to work with. Beautiful natural color.

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