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Lumbar Pillow


Snuggle up with our lumbar pillow. Filled with pure Premium EcoWool and encased in soft cotton sateen, this lumbar pillow adds extra comfort and great support for side sleepers and pregnant women.

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Add this wool lumbar pillow to your bed for extra support while sleeping on your side or as a bolster when sitting up in bed. Made out of the purest materials available, this pillow also comes available with a washable cotton sateen cover. Everyone deserves a great pillow!

Wool Filled lumbar Pillows Provide Excellent Support

Provides excellent back support for pregnant women
Use this pillow behind you while sitting up in bed
This pillow is the perfect cuddle companion
Made entirely out of Premium Eco-Wool fill and a cotton sateen encasement
This pillow will not make you over heat or feel clammy because wool is a natural temperature regulator
Comes with a soft cotton sateen washable cover, available in Ivory
All of our wool-filled pillows are ideal for a healthy bedroom! Wool reduces common bedroom allergens because it is naturally mold and mildew resistant. Wool quickly absorbs and releases moisture and thus, does not allow the damp conditions that mold thrive on. Other natural fibers, such as down and cotton, do not readily release moisture. Wool is also naturally fire-resistant which means that all of our bedding is able to pass flame tests without the use of any added chemicals.

Treat yourself or someone you love to perfect, all-natural full-body support with this healthy and cozy wool lumbar pillow!

Variation Width x Length (inches) Wool Fill Weight
Body Pillow Without Cover 14x36 35 oz.
Body Pillow Cover 15.5x37 -