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Common Misconceptions About Wool, Myth #2: “Wool is Hot”

Myths About Wool #2

Wool is a permeable fabric, meaning it allows moisture such as perspiration to pass through the core of the fibers. This helps your body regulate its own temperature so you feel dry and warm when it’s cold outside and cool but not sweaty when it’s hot.

When the temperatures rise to scorching, blankets of any fiber on top of us are probably going to be tossed to the end of our beds. However, resting on a wool bed topped with natural fiber sheets will actually help you stay more cool and comfortable because of the natural insulating properties of the fibers themselves.

How does it do this?

Think of wool like one of those hot/cold drink canisters or a foam cooler that you can use to keep your food and drinks warm or icy cold depending on your needs. There’s some pretty fascinating science going on that we at Shepherd’s Dream don’t even completely understand, but is explained very well on websites such as How Stuff Works.

What we do understand is that each one of us at this small family owned and operated business sleeps on wool year-round. Temperatures range from zero degrees all the way into the 100’s here in Montague, California, but no matter the weather we wake up on our wool mattresses and toppers feeling comfortable, not sticky from bed sweat.

When the weather starts to cool down, we pull up our wool comforters and blankets from the foot of our beds. We encourage ewe to do the same. Shop around our site to find the right products for your needs today!

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