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Insider Info: Check Out Our Clearance Items

Psst! Did you know that our website contains hidden treasure? It’s true! Read on for all the details.

Insider Info: Check Out Our Clearance Items 1’s Clearance Section

If you’re a Shepherd’s Dream fan, you already know how special our products are:

  • We source only the highest quality materials for maximal health, comfort, sustainability, and beauty.
  • Most of our bedding items are made to order, just for you.
  • Not only that, but they’re handmade by our skilled bedding artists. 

And sometimes, even with all of this in place, a finished product will be slightly off our rigorous standards and it doesn’t pass quality control. Other times, we add items that have been in stock a while and need to be rotated through.

So we put them in our online clearance section.

These are unique opportunities that don’t come around every day. If something is catching your eye, it’s a good idea to snatch it up!

Insider Info: Check Out Our Clearance Items 2

Hold Up…What’s the Catch?

Never fear! 

If a product has a beauty mark, it’s often something so insignificant that has nothing to do with the performance of the product itself—a small fabric flaw, a slight sewing imperfection, something not quite lining up. We like to think of them as beautifully flawed, and we’re willing to bet you’ll notice almost nothing besides pure and natural comfort. 

It’s a fantastic way to save a bundle on an amazing item!

And rest assured, aside from the fact that we would never, federal law prohibits the resale of used bedding, so you won’t be sleeping on someone else’s cast-offs. These are good as new. 

There’s only one important thing to note: All sales of clearance items are final and non-returnable. That’s how confident we are that you’ll love it. 

This Sounds Too Good to be True

We love making dreams come true around here, and we just couldn’t hold this pro tip a secret any longer. So be sure to keep an eye on that clearance page, and if you’re looking for something on your Shepherd’s Dream wishlist, it always pays to check there first.

If you need more information about a particular item before committing, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly Customer Service folks at (800) 966-5540.

And if you ever need to find your way back there from our homepage, hover over the “Shop” button and click on “Shop Sale,” then look for the entry on that page for “Clearance Wool Bedding.”

Insider Info: Check Out Our Clearance Items 3

One More Insider Tip…

If you’re not already a subscriber of our Ewe’s Letter, now is a great time to do that. Head over to our sign-up page! Why?

We’ve placed several of our colder weather and remainder items on sale, and our newsletter subscribers already know about it, because we send exclusive news, deals, and discount codes to our faithful Dreamers from time to time. So join the flock! We’d love to have you.

Thanks so much for reading, we appreciate you stopping by. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Pinterest for more insider info. And until next time, sweet dreams!

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