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Upleveling Sleep with Crystal Grids

Harnessing the power of intention with crystals for better sleep

Crystals are really having a moment. The popularity of alternative therapies, yoga, and New Age concepts go hand in hand with crystals, so it’s no wonder they’re everywhere these days. So we wondered—can crystals help with sleep? Let’s look into it.

Upleveling Sleep with Crystal Grids 1

First Things First

The word “crystal” comes to us from the Greek krystallos, which means both “rock solid” and “ice.” Crystals are solid objects whose atoms are arranged in a definite three dimensional pattern, and whose geometric surfaces reflect that same inner symmetric pattern. In addition, they are naturally occurring and inorganic, though some are now created in laboratories too. 

Crystals grow in very specific environments conducive to their particular needs. They can be found in caves, in the ground near the surface, or deep in the ground. In general, crystals require time, pressure, and the right temperature to develop. There are usually minerals dissolved in water at some point of the process, and then low, medium, and high temperature variations determine the crystal’s development.

Different crystals come from all over the world and vary in shape, size, color, mineral content, and demand, which determines their price on the market. Gemstones like diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires are in high demand due to their rare earth elements, and others like amethyst, quartzes, moonstone, opal, and garnet are considered semi-precious. From there, there’s a myriad of minerals and combinations that make up the crystal world.

Upleveling Sleep with Crystal Grids 2

How Do Crystals Work?

Clearly, it’s impossible to know for sure, as there are no peer-reviewed studies, evidence or research. Many online resources label crystal healing a “pseudoscience.” 

However, crystals have been used in healing modalities for a long time, as far back as 6,000 years with the Sumerians of ancient Mesopotamia. Ancient Egyptians mined for crystals, especially lapis lazuli, and used them for health, protection, and as offerings buried with their dead. Well known Romans Pliny the Elder and Galen, widely considered one of the most accomplished medical researchers of antiquity, claimed that certain crystals possessed healing qualities. The Hopi of the desert southwest of the US have long used quartz crystals to diagnose illness.

Believers cite the piezoelectric effect as evidence of the power of crystals. The piezoelectric effect is the ability of certain materials, like crystals, to hold an electric charge in response to applied mechanical stress. In the case of crystals, that stress is usually vibration. Crystals are used in many of our everyday technological devices, including televisions, computers, medical devices, radios, tablets, and our mobile phones.

Beyond that, those who resonate with crystals rely on their intuitive senses and experience. There is a lot of collected information out there about crystals, including how to use them and what each crystal represents. While these guides may be a great starting point, feel free to go with your own intuitive guidance as well. If you feel drawn to a particular stone, go with it.

Upleveling Sleep with Crystal Grids 3

Creating Crystal Grids

So what’s a crystal grid? A crystal grid is a focused arrangement of crystals and other materials to create a symbolic representation of an intention. They can range from small and simple groupings to huge and elaborate mandalas made of stones, feathers, plants, flowers, and other natural materials. There’s often a geometric component to the shape of the grid, and they often employ a symmetrical logic.

The creation of a crystal grid is a type of ceremony. It’s a moment to focus our intent and energy toward a desired outcome, and we can use that time to meditate, pray, and envision our lives. We can infuse the crystals with our intentions and let them hold and carry them, whether they are for healing, protection, or manifestation. Just like those crystals in our phone, we can focus our intentions into the crystals of our grid to amplify and emanate them for us. 

There’s no one way to go about crafting a crystal grid, but in general, most ceremonies will involve:

  • Setting Intentions. This can be done out loud, quietly, or written down. You can include an affirmation or mantra if you like. 
  • Gathering Materials & Selecting Grid. Select the shape of your grid and gather your crystals and other materials. 
  • Creating the Grid. You can clear your space before with some sage, palo santo or other incense purifiers. Then, while holding your intention in mind, place all the elements of your grid.
  • Placing the Grid. Decide where to display it, in an area of your home most suitable for the intention. 

There are many ways to go about this ceremony, so feel free to experiment until you discover the right combination of elements for you. Each grid will be uniquely its own, and will be a reflection of where you’re at in your life and what you’re wishing for. 

Upleveling Sleep with Crystal Grids 4

A Crystal Grid for Peaceful Sleep

Constructing a crystal grid for sleep can be a wonderful exercise to add in with your sleep routine as you wind down from your day. It’s a peaceful pursuit, much like putting a puzzle together, and there’s something about creating something orderly and beautiful that is restful and relaxing. Add in some herbal tea, and you’re sure to sleep well!

I consulted a book to begin our crystal grid journey, Crystal Gridwork: The Power of Crystals and Sacred Geometry to Heal, Protect, and Inspire by Kiera Fogg. On page 68, she features a Restful Sleep Grid that assists with “insomnia, recurrent nightmares, or trouble with falling or staying asleep.” She recommends a circle grid form, as the circle is a powerful shape that communicates harmony. Then, she shares her reasoning for using the various materials in her grid:

  • Clear Quartz for its powerful energy transmitting and harmonizing.
  • Howlite is apparently well-known for easing insomnia, calming thoughts, and inviting peaceful dreams.
  • Hematite dissolves negative energy from thoughts and nightmares. 
  • Lavender enhances this grid with its relaxing vibes. 

My daughter and I raided the crystal kit her Auntie had gifted her for the holidays, gathered some lavender and lemon balm (another calming herb) from outside, and got to work. I grabbed a round, gold metal tray from my bedroom for the task. The kit had all the stones we needed, plus we added in amethyst for its calming, soothing, and balancing energies. We arranged everything in a circular pattern, ringed it with lavender buds, and—Voila! Our Restful Sleep grid. 

Seeding Healthy Intentions

While I must say that I sleep pretty well most nights and can’t speak to the efficacy of the grid itself, taking the time out of busy life to set intentions in this direction was a wonderful exercise. My daughter and I got to spend time together, we discussed the energy of each component, and we infused it with our best of intentions for peaceful rest, not just for ourselves, but for everyone who needs a good night’s sleep. 

Give crystal grids a try! It’s a lovely way to tap into your creativity, bring some consciousness into life, and add a beautiful element to your bedroom.

Thanks for stopping by our Counting Sheep Blog—we hope this has been illuminating and inspiring! Be sure to follow us on Instagram for more healthy sleep tips and more. Until next time, sweet dreams to you!

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