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Breathing Easier with All-Natural Bedding

Breathing Easier with All-Natural Bedding

We’re fully in the throes of Spring, and if all the chirping birds and blooming flowers remind you of itchy, watery eyes and a stuffy nose, then we’ve got some good news for you. While we can’t do much about the tree and grass pollen outside, allergy sufferers can find great relief with some thoughtful bedroom upgrades.

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Nora Costley

Visit our showroom to view Nora Costley’s art installation at our showroom: “A Study on the Transition of Life”.

Nora is a world traveler and holds a BFA in fine art from the University of New Mexico. She enjoys many forms of art: from sculpture to traditional pottery-making in Japan, from installation to photography. Even as a watercolorist, Nora feels an artist does not need to stick with the same subject or medium. She prefers an artist’s creation to reflect the transient beings they are and to continue to demand their evolution as individuals.

Nora’s art will be displayed for the months of December and January. Visit her website here.