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The Ultimate Guide to a Spring Bedroom Refresh

The Ultimate Guide to a Spring Bedroom Refresh

15 Inspirational Ideas for the Bedroom of Your Dreams

It’s officially March! And while several parts of the country are experiencing some epic winter weather (us included!), the days are growing longer, plants are stirring beneath the soil, and buds are beginning to pop out on the ends of the bare tree branches. So even if you’re not quite feeling or seeing it yet, the promise of it is there. Soon!

And with it comes that inexplicable urge…the need to clear things out, to freshen up, to bring new energy into your space. We think our favorite room in the house is the perfect place for some Spring cleaning. We spend lots of time in our bedroom, but most of those hours are spent sleeping, so it can get neglected and taken for granted. And yet, experts know that a tidy, peaceful space is absolutely essential for a good night’s rest. 

So whether springtime hits you like a tsunami and you decide to completely redo everything, or you choose to simply focus on a few key elements, below are 15 of our favorite bedroom refresh tips. No matter what flavor you prefer—Scandinavian, bohemian, minimalist, rustic, Shabby Chic—these bedroom decor ideas will help you create the sleep retreat you’ve been dreaming up. And not all of them cost money! 

These are given in the spirit of our business missions of sustainability, health, and natural beauty, and we hope you’ll find some inspiration to give your bedroom the glow up it deserves.  

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1. Natural Fibers for Your Bed. From the all-wool or latex mattress to the wool mattress topper, the wool mattress protector to the sheets, the wool comforter to the pillows, natural fibers like organic cotton and wool create the ideal nest for dreamtime. Look for natural, earth-friendly dyes. If you’re looking for a quick and affordable solution, duvet covers, shams, and sheets are a great focus.

2. Color—Soft & Restful or Vivid & Vibrant? Your choice will depend on the vibe you’re looking for—warm or cool? Muted or strong? Neutrals or daring? Plain and simple or patterned? If you’re looking for something new, check out Pantone’s annual trend reports. 2023 is anchored by their color of the year, Viva Magenta, but they also release several palettes with fresh combinations that might spark your imagination.


3. Go Sustainable. Look for responsible wood sourcing, nontoxic finishes, and beautiful aesthetics—of course! We love Puritas Furniture Company’s bed frames, night stands, ethos, and classic good looks. Also browse for upcycled and repurposed items, check out the next item on our list.

4. Peruse Vintage & Consignment Stores. They don’t make ‘em like they used to—there is some amazing furniture still circulating out there! Plus, it helps prevent new trees from being cut down and useful materials from clogging up landfills. 


5. Let There Be…Low Light. Good sleep has so much to do with light (learn more in our Healthy Sleep Series!), and in the bedroom, we generally want to keep it nice and low at night so our brains get the signal to get ready for sleepytime. Consider installing a dimmer. Lamps can add lots of personality while also serving as good reading light. Have fun with details like string lights and salt lamps for extra ambiance.

6. Optimize Natural Light. Window treatments both enhance natural light and create privacy in your bedroom. Some people love a light and airy room, while others prefer a darker, cave-like feel. 


7. Deck the Walls. When the walls need some oomph, go for eco-friendly and nontoxic paint and wallpaper. Look for low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). For added character, create a feature wall with a mural or wallpaper decals.

8. Natural Floors & Windows Too. Natural fibers like wool and cotton make the best bedroom rugs and curtains by providing texture, softening the space, and keeping it toxin free.

9. Artfully Make it Yours. The bedroom is the most personal room in the house, and art gives you a chance to really make the space yours. Maybe you’re the type to really splash out on some one-of-a-kind pieces, but it need not be an expensive venture. Stroll through vintage and secondhand stores, get your hands dirty with some DIY projects, or check out garage and estate sales in your area. Think about paintings, posters, sculptures, mirrors, tapestries, statues, and natural items like branches, shells, stones and crystals. Photographs are great too, but just keep in mind that the bedroom isn’t necessarily the best place for those family photos. 


10. Organize & Declutter. Because the bedroom sees the most activity at the end and very beginning of our day, it can accumulate stuff like books and clothing. Clear the nightstand, clean out drawers, and try to keep activities not involving sleep and romance to a minimum. Maybe take this opportunity to tidy that TV out of there? Bedroom organization can help the room feel spacious and restful.

11. Store it! If bedroom storage is needed, look for bins and baskets to hold items like blankets, sheets, towels, and pillows. Under the bed can get chaotic without containers. Organize the closet to maximize the space. 

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12. Go Green. Plants provide such a lovely presence, bringing a bit of nature indoors as well as interesting textures and design options. They can also help improve air quality (see more on that below). 

13. Sonic Ambiance. Invest in a good speaker for music to lull you to sleep or for romantic playlists. If getting continuous sleep is an issue or you live somewhere with lots of street noise, try a white noise machine.

14. Clear the Air. Indoor air quality is a thing, be sure to check out our blog post about how your mattress and bedding plays a role. Both new buildings and old buildings can have air quality issues, so consider purchasing an air filter to keep your bedroom air clean. Folks with seasonal allergies will also benefit.

15. Aromatherapy. Candles add a lovely aura of warm light and diffusers gently scent the room—just make sure they’re natural and nontoxic. No synthetic fragrances! Go for plant-based waxes like coconut, or for good old-fashioned and yummy beeswax candles. High-quality essential oils only for liquid diffusers, and look for all-natural wicks and diffuser sticks. 

Transform Your Bedroom Into a Stylish & Comfortable Retreat

Let the warm Spring breezes give you the energetic lift you need to give your bedroom some attention and intention. Sleep quality experts agree that a clean, organized space that helps you feel comfortable and peaceful can improve your sleep. We’re all about helping people create the bedroom of their dreams with natural, sustainable, and beautiful foundational items that will last for years to come. And every now and again…we just need a bit of a refresh.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Pinterest for more on natural, sustainable living. And as always—Sweet Dreams!

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