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Wooliza Felted Figurines



Exhibit these felted works of art in your home or gift to a friend. Great for all ages. These animal sculptures are unique and timeless.

Made by local Ashland artist Liza Hamilton.

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Liza Hamilton's totemic animal sculptures are not only visual manifestations of the artist's personality, but also reflect the varied shades of humankind.

The universal archetypes that we value in our heroes are here explored in animal forms. Somehow without human faces, without distinct gender, or anything to distract, Liza's creatures embody the truth, purity, and genuine expression that we seek in ourselves.

People seem to resonate with one or another of her works, or are reminded of friends and family members in the various sculptures. Each creature can act as a distinctive guardian spirit; one who will inspire you, watch over you and guide you to follow your inner truth.

About the Process

Each of Liza's sculptures is a completely one-of-a-kind work of fine art created of solidly felted wool on a posable wire armature. There are no patterns, sewing, or stuffing involved with needle felting, where a special barbed tool is used to compact the wool into solid, densely tangled forms. Liza has been teaching the art of felting to adults and youth since 2009, and her students have achieved great success in her classes.

About the Artist

Liza's work has developed over the past decade from small anatomical studies to large scale, fully expressed well-received works of Fine Art. Liza earned her BFA degree from the New Hampshire Institute of Art. She has displayed her work and led classes in felting wool at the 'Currier Museum of Art' in Manchester, New Hampshire, the 'Honolulu Museum of Art School' in Waikiki, Hawaii, and at the 'Ashland Art Center' in Ashland, Oregon. Her work has been displayed and sold worldwide, and she has been featured in venues across the country. Liza came to Oregon 4 years ago, grew up in West Newbury, Massachussetts, and now resides in Ashland, Oregon. She spends time in the Applegate Valley with her fiance, artist and entrepreneur Johan Ziems, and her adorable Corgi, Messi.

Visit her website here.