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Shepherd's Dream Organic Travel Pad

I sleep great no matter where I travel

When I travel away from home, I really like to pack my Shepherd’s Dream travel pillow and lightweight wool comforter, to take on my trip! Sure, I love sleeping in my wool bed while I’m at home, but why leave all that comfort at home, when I can easily take my “wooly comfort with me..!” I love the way my wool bed packs for travel.

It’s so simple to stuff it in a bag or pack it in a suitcase! When I arrive at my destination, no matter what the sleep arrangements might be, I know I am “good to go,” with my personal sleep sack, and what “feels like a slice of heaven!”

Tips: I protect my comforter with a removable, washable comforter cover, or duvet cover. I fold my single size wool comforter in half, and slip into the middle for a truly “surrounding experience”

Thank you Shepherd’s Dream!
By Susan Kearns ~ Shepherd’s Dream team
TIP: To add some extra comfort to your travel experience, you could also take our travel bed with you. This won’t work for every trip since it is a little big, but for camping or traveling by car with plenty of space, the travel bed will make any floor super comfy!