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6 Ways to Prevent Bed Bugs Naturally

How to Prevent Bed Bugs Naturally

Cases of bed bug infestations have been rising dramatically over the last five years. While the reason for the sudden increase isn’t clear, it’s obvious that something needs to be done about these pesky insects.

If you’re already feeling itchy just reading about bed bugs, here are six ways that you can help prevent them or drastically reduce the number of creepy crawlies in your bed:

1. Inspect your mattress and bedding regularly.

Bed bugs are tiny and like to hide, so they can be difficult to find, but not impossible. Look on and around your mattress for small brown or dark red bugs that are about ¼ to ⅕ of an inch long.

Also look for very small drops of blood on your sheets that bed bugs leave behind. (Yikes!)

2. Reduce clutter.

Bed bugs hate light and more clutter means more hiding places. It’s a particularly good idea to keep your bedroom free from any clutter and routinely clean it.

3. Wash and dry your bedding regularly

Bed bugs can’t survive in high temperatures, so regularly wash and dry your sheets to keep them from spreading. If you have wool bedding, you shouldn’t have to wash it.

Instead, once each season you should remove all of your wool bedding (other than the mattress, which only needs to be sunned once per year) and place them out in the sun. The sun will naturally deodorize, bleach, disinfect, and revitalize your bedding. You can hang the bedding over railings or furniture, hang them out the window, or lay them on a blanket in the sun.

If you are unable to bring your bedding outside, you can place the items near a fireplace/stove or other source of dry heat.

Visit our Product Care Guide to learn more about cleaning wool bedding.

4. Vacuum often, especially under and around your bed.

Vacuuming around the bed frame and headboard as well as the mattress and any upholstered furniture can help keep bed bugs at bay.

5. Don’t panic — buy wool.

Did you know you’ll never find bed bugs in wool mattresses? A lot of people think that wool attracts bugs, but the opposite is actually true. Bed bugs have a hard time surviving in wool, so if you invest in a wool mattress, you can sleep easy knowing your bed is bug free.

6. If needed, call a professional.

Once you have a bed bug infestation, it can be extremely difficult to get rid of them completely. Since they’re so stubborn, it may be a good idea to call in a professional to help make sure your home is 100% bug free and clear.

At Shepherd’s Dream, we believe high-quality wool bedding is ideal for you, your home, and your well-being. We use all natural, organic products that are free from chemicals…and bed bugs!

To learn more, read about our philosophy and mission.

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