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Last Minute Gift Ideas—Shop Local!

Last Minute Gift Ideas—Shop Local!

The winter holiday gift-giving season is in full swing, and for many people, it can be a hectic time of year. Perhaps there are some bare spots under your tree or a few folks on your list particularly tricky to buy for, and unless you’re willing to pay exorbitant shipping costs, the online shopping window has closed. What to do?×-627-px-3.jpeg

Think Local, Shop Local

Shop local! One of the most powerful things we can do to help strengthen our communities is to spend money right where we live. Research has shown that for every dollar spent locally, an average of ⅔ of it remains and circulates within the community. In addition, shopping locally is better than giving to chains and big box stores because: 

  • It conserves fuel and packaging, so Mother Nature will thank you.
  • Local businesses donate to local causes. 
  • Local businesses create local jobs. 
  • You contribute to the local flavor of your town and what makes it unique. 

Especially since the global pandemic, local businesses need all the love we can give! 

Local Restaurants and Shops

Does that special someone have a favorite spot to eat, drink, or shop? Consider gift certificates to their daily coffee shop or to that new restaurant in town everyone’s raving about. If you have a sense of the shops they frequent, you can scan the shelves for something they’d like, or get a gift card. 

Local Delectables

Think baked goods, local beer and wine, chocolate, and cheese—the finer things in life! Be sure to consider their particular eating and drinking habits, since everyone seems to have food intolerances and special diets these days, from vegan to keto to gluten free. 

Local Services

Who couldn’t use a massage these days? Or a pass to the hot new gym? Or relaxing spa treatments? Get creative—maybe they could use some sessions with a life coach or a professional organizer.

Local Happenings

Are there any compelling concerts, museum openings, stand-up comedy acts, theater productions, or other events in the next few months? Tickets for experiences are always memorable. 

Level Up!

Know what’s even cooler than buying local?

Buying Handmade

Be sure to peruse the local holiday markets going on, filled with handmade goods and art by local artisans and artists. You can find clothing, ceramics, wood crafts, jewelry, home decor and other great items. 

Buying from Friends

You get extra good karma points for supporting your friends in their business endeavors, whatever they may be. Know a massage therapist? Personal trainer? Store owner? Dog walker? Send friends and family their way. 

Buying Direct

By cutting out the middleman, you put more money right into the hands of the creator. For example, if someone local has an Etsy shop, contact them to see if you can pay them directly. 

If you’re within range of downtown Ashland, we’d love to see you at our showroom! We’ve got so much more in store than online—felted wool gifts and art, cotton and wool clothing, beautiful bedding, comfy pillows, and more. 

Wishing you and your loved ones all the comfort and joy the season brings.

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