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Just How Organic is that Organic Textile?

If you’ve taken a look at our Organic Wool Comforter or any of our other organic products, you might have seen the GOTS Approved Organic seal.  GOTS stands for the Global Organic Textile Standard. GOTS is an international organization seeking to make organic textiles “a part of everyday life, enhancing people’s lives and the environment.” Our organic products are certified by Oregon Tilth, and the process is very thorough.

Firstly, all organic materials have to be separate and labeled from non-organic materials in all the steps of production that include:

• processing, 

• assembling, 

• packaging, 

• shipping them to you.

This way you know that your Organic Wool Comforter is 100% organic with nothing else slipping in by mistake.

Anything else involved in the production besides the raw materials (biodegradable soap for instance) is screened to ensure it’s organic as well. During certification, there’s even residue testing to detect traces of non-organic chemical contamination.

Our Organic Wool Comforter isn’t just good for you, it’s also good for the environment and the people who make it. Along with product purity standards, the GOTS specifies that there should be a minimal environmental waste, no PVC packaging, and that cardboard must be recycled. It also requires that all employees must be safe, equitable, non-discriminatory, and provide a living wage. All of this is confirmed annually with inspections of the production facilities and reviews of bookkeeping, storage, and workplace conditions among other inspection methods.
This is just an introduction to all the regulations for our organic products. You can learn more about them at the GOTS website and Oregon Tilth website.

So the next time you’re cuddling up under one of our Organic Wool Comforters, rest easy knowing that it’s 100% organic, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible.

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