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Highlighting Products Featuring our EcoWool Batting

Batting, noun (bat·​ting): layers or sheets of raw cotton or wool or of synthetic fibrous material used for lining quilts or for stuffing or packaging.

Here at Shepherd’s Dream, we stuff several of our products with an exceptionally high quality of wool—and now’s a great time to stock up on them! While winter may be coming to a close in many parts of the country soon, our wool products are well known for keeping us toasty in the cold and just right when the weather’s warmer, so your purchase now will serve your relaxation needs for most of the year. 

Upgrade your living environment with these EcoWool™ products:

EcoWool Sleep Pillow: Your choice of three thicknesses—thin, medium, or thick—wrapped in soft, organic cotton sateen.

All-Season Wool Comforter: The perfect all-around comforter for your optimal sleep environment. 

Wool Dryer Balls: Faster drying, wrinkle-preventing, energy-saving, and clothes softening wool dryer balls!

Wool Grown from the Ground Up

When it comes to our wool batting, we don’t just focus on the end product—we care about the entire process from start to finish. We develop close relationships with the ranchers who raise wool sheep in our home region, ensuring humane treatment of the animals and strongly discouraging pesticides and herbicides. We begin with a supremely low-debris wool that requires only gentle cleansing, allowing for efficient, environmentally-friendly, and completely non-toxic processing. 

Loft, noun (lȯft): the thickness of a fabric or insulating material (such as goose down…or wool!).

By the time all the raw wool is cleaned, it contains a proprietary blend of several wool sheep breeds such as Corriedale, Suffolk, Dorset, Cheviot, Romney, Morrit, Coopworth, and Columbia. This creates an ideal blend of coarse and fine long fibers. This blend maintains its high loft longer than synthetic poly filler. Your Shepherd’s Dream product will stay functionally lofty for years and years, requiring only occasional fluffing and a seasonal dose of sunshine. 

Carding, verb (kärd·ing): cleansing, disentangling, and collecting together (fibers) by the use of cards preparatory to spinning.

After cleaning, the wool travels across the street to the Woolgatherer Mill to be carded on an old-school, specialized machine that is one of only a few still in operation in the US. The final result is a super soft, luxurious, high-lofted bat that is highly desirable by bed and furniture companies throughout the country.

From there, Shepherd’s Dream creates items for an optimal sleep experience and sustainable lifestyle, free of the synthetics and chemicals that other bedding products require. Our wool products are Earth-friendly, healthy, non-toxic, and luxuriously practical. Your purchase is an investment in your health and the planet’s health that will last for years to come!

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