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Breathing Easier with All-Natural Bedding

Breathing Easier with All-Natural Bedding

We’re fully in the throes of Spring, and if all the chirping birds and blooming flowers remind you of itchy, watery eyes and a stuffy nose, then we’ve got some good news for you. While we can’t do much about the tree and grass pollen outside, allergy sufferers can find great relief with some thoughtful bedroom upgrades.

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Pam HaunschildJoin us at our Ashland showroom for our August Artwalk next Friday!

This month we are featuring the artwork of PamHaunschild, a nature and wildlife artist. In honor of “the year of the bird”, Pam pays homage to birders and art appreciators in an exhibition of beautiful bird paintings.

Also joining us is the Shake ‘n Bake Trio, performing their classic jazz, and a mushroom tea sampling by Zoom Out.

There will also be a free monthly drawing at the event!

This event is co-sponsored by Creatively Speaking.