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Wool Crafts

Get Crafty with Wool!


Learn how Craft Wool can be Engaging and Fun!

Our Craft Wool is available in undyed ivory. These are the bits and pieces that are leftover from the wool batting that we use to make our products. Due to the nature of production, there may be small pieces of organic cotton thread mixed in with some of the craft wool.

Delving into wool crafts is an exciting journey, the more you learn about the fiber arts means the more crafts you can complete!

But when you talk about wool crafts, it’s important to talk about the sheep! Like many animals, the breed of sheep determines the coat or characteristics of the wool. Two common breeds used for their wool are Merino and Corriedale. Merino sheep’s fleece is thin, soft, and smooth whereas Corriedale wool is known to be a durable medium weight fiber.

After sheep are sheared, their raw wool is cleaned and carded. The finished product is called batting. These raw fibers are the basis for all our wonderful wool products! It is a 100% renewable resource, completely eco-friendly, and there is very little that can harm a felted piece- besides wool moths which can be avoided by keeping cedar and lavender around!

The other best thing is the unlimited creative possibilities! You can needle felt at any size, and make anything you want. With wire armatures, you can make poseable sculptures that are ideal for stop-motion animation. You can create jewelry, mobiles, hanging, wall-mounted, and table-top sculptures, you can make faux-taxidermy mounted heads, or pet miniatures incorporating the real animals’ fur. With wet-felting you can make seamless wearable garments, unique sculptural hats, mittens, and even unique elf booties- the possibilities are literally endless.

And finally, showing up to a craft fair with totes full of wool sculptures, rather than hefting loads of ceramics, glass, or wood items is an absolute plus!

Get Started on Your Crafting!