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Treat Your Feet Right With Wool

Using Wool for Blister Protection

QUESTION: What do ballerinas and Arctic explorers have in common?

ANSWER: They’ve both been using wool to keep their feet dry and prevent blisters for centuries.

Everyone knows wool socks keep your feet warm. But did you know that adding pieces of wool inside your sock can actually help prevent blisters?

Wool fibers adjust to temperature changes on your body when they detect heat or pressure, actually expanding to provide cushion while simultaneously wicking away moisture that causes irritation.

Here’s how it works:

Place a piece of wool on the area most likely to cause irritation. Wind a strand around your toes to separate them and prevent constant rubbing. Wrapping a thicker piece around the ball of your foot will alleviate pressure, provide additional padding, and also wick moisture away from your skin to prevent blistering. Hold the pieces in place while you put on a snug wool sock. The fibers will actually bind to the sock and keep them in place.

Shepherd’s Dream premium eco-wool is naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, biodegradable and antimicrobial. Our therapeutic wool scarves are essentially long strips of raw batting, perfect for tearing off strands to wrap your feet and toes with. Plus they make great gifts for hikers and walkers!

This holiday season, give the gift that brings new meaning to the phrase “stocking stuffers” with all-natural wool products. Start shopping now!

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