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Breathing Easier with All-Natural Bedding

Breathing Easier with All-Natural Bedding

We’re fully in the throes of Spring, and if all the chirping birds and blooming flowers remind you of itchy, watery eyes and a stuffy nose, then we’ve got some good news for you. While we can’t do much about the tree and grass pollen outside, allergy sufferers can find great relief with some thoughtful bedroom upgrades.

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Now that spring has finally sprung in the Siskiyous, here at Shepherd’s Dream we’re looking forward to getting outdoors and sleeping out under the stars.  

And one thing we never leave town without is our Travel Bed!

Narrower and longer than a twin mattress, our travel bed is the perfect size for rolling out in your tent or underneath the stars. It works better than a blow-up camping pad and feels like a cloud underneath your sleeping bag.  

Simply wrap it up in one of our custom organic canvas cotton covers for easy transport, then roll it out and use the cover as an extra shield against the elements. The buttons on the side make it easy to slip on and off for cleaning, while the attached ties allow it to be easily rolled up and held together.  

Best of all, our travel bed is lightweight and easy to carry with you (or throw in the trunk of your car).

The Shepherd’s Dream Travel Bed is also perfect for laying out on top of a hotel bed for added comfort, hygiene and protection. No matter where you travel, you won’t have to worry about sleeping on synthetic, uncomfortable hotel beds anymore.

Our travel bed is filled with our Premium Eco-Wool batting, encased in durable cotton sateen, and tufted throughout so that the wool will not shift around.

Bring the comforts of home with you!

No matter where you travel this spring or summer, you can sleep your natural best with our wool travel bed.

Pro tip: For a complete Travel Bed set, combine our Travel Bed with our All-Season Comforter and Travel Pillow.

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