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The People at Shepherd’s Dream

Shepherd’s Dream LLC Production Facilities and Showroom

 140 S 11th St. Montague, Ca 96064


The Store Hard at work

Shepherd’s Dream LLC operations, occupies three historic buildings in the heart of Montague, Ca just north of majestic Mount Shasta.  After many years of renovations we have created several environmentally-friendly, beautiful production spaces where our team enjoys producing, selling and shipping our pure wool bedding line.

Ashland Showroom

629 A St. Ashland, OR 97520

Located in the railroad arts district of Ashland, Oregon, this showroom has been open since the summer of 2012.  We have expanded our offerings from our wool bedding line to include an organic latex mattress, a variety of organic sheeting and a line of natural bedroom furniture.  We hope to see you at our store in the near future.

ashland store

Since Shepherd’s Dream LLC’s commencement in 1998, we have had the pleasure of working with many different unique individuals whom have contributed to the growth of our company.

It has taken great patience and perseverance to find a competent & positive team since moving to the quiet, tiny town of Montague.  We have been fortunate to find a variety of hard working and skilled men and women to create our colorful Shepherd’s Dream team.   It is our goal as a unified team to provide high quality natural bedding and excellent customer service to a growing population of natural product lovers.

We believe that by creating a healthy infrastructure within our own operations, we are setting an example for other businesses to do the same. It is of true importance  to support each individual’s unique qualities and to communicate honestly in order to create a peaceful, productive environment.

Sarah Sunshine   Sarah Sunshine – LLC Sole Member

Being the founder’s daughter, Sarah Sunshine has been surrounded by natural bedding for her whole life and has played a key role in Shepherd’s Dream LLC operations for 15 years.  Sarah continues to find joy in producing wool mattresses, working with customers and assisting with other various aspects of the business.  Although she loves being a part of Shepherd’s  Dream LLC on a daily basis, her greatest joy is found through the arts, exploring the outdoors and community.  Sarah is excited to be starting a family with her first baby and her husband  Nathon, from The Woolgatherer Carding Mill.

   Eliana Jantz – Foundereliana

Eliana, the founder of Shepherd’s Dream LLC, has honed the physical components of the Wool bed through a 20 year evolutionary  process. According to Eliana, her process has been guided by one simple, common sense intention: to support optimal health through ‘ the right use of materials’ as it relates to the bed we sleep in.  Eliana has recently created “Heartfelt”, a company that produces beautiful  woolen felts and the layered felt bed.


Since Shepherd’s Dream LLC began nearly 16 years ago, Eliana and Sarah have been working together to bring it to where it is today. The combination of Eliana’s experience, vision and knowledge and Sarah’s drive and motivation to learn, has led to the success of Shepherd’s Dream LLC.Eliana & Sarah

Husband and Wife Team


loveSarah & Nathon met in the quiet country side of Siskiyou county back in 2003.  A match made in wooly heaven, Nathon acquired ownership of the Woolgatherer carding mill after the founder, Patrick Holland passed away, and Sarah managed and took ownership of Shepherd’s Dream LLC.  With the support of one another, both businesses have grown steadily over the past 10 years, employing over 20 people in the Shasta valley.


Sarah & Nathon were joyfully married in 2011 and are expecting their first baby in 2014.


Woolgatherer Carding Mill

Located just a quarter mile down the road from Shepherd’s Dream LLC is The Woolgatherer Carding Mill and Warehouse. The mill is located on 17 acres of heavy industrial land with a perfect view of Mt. Shasta.  For more information on the Woolgatherer Carding Mill

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