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New Life Baby Set

Pamper your precious baby with our natural baby bedding package. This new special package includes our crib comforter, organic cotton comforter cover, washable crib mattress protector and puddle pad, all at 15% off the regular price. Your baby deserves the best!


Crib Comforter

Encased in a soft organic cotton sateen, our crib comforter will be gentle on your baby's delicate skin while providing perfect warmth and comfort.

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Crib Comforter Cover

Our washable Crib Comforter Cover is the perfect way to protect the Crib Comforter. Made with soft, organic sateen.

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Washable Wool Puddle Pads

To top off your crib mattress will stay well protected with our naturally absorbent wool crib mattress protector, made of the finest washable EcoWool textile.


Washable Crib Mattress Protector

For extra protection, add a puddle pad, made of the finest washable EcoWool textile.

This product is currently unavailable.

Our New Life Baby Set is a good choice and a healthy start in life for your baby.  This package in combination creates the ideal environment for your baby to sleep soundly all through the night.

Bring Your Baby Up With Pure, Clean Bedding

  • Our wool baby bedding is free of flame retardants.
  • Wool will calm your babies heart rate to support a deep, healthy sleep.
  • Wool is completely breathable and will regulate your babies temperature, helping your baby to sleep for longer periods of time

Babies and toddlers sure do spend a lot of time sleeping! That is why our all natural baby bedding is the perfect solution for your little one. Baby crib bedding made out of natural and organic materials is one of the greatest gifts you could offer to your growing baby. Wool filled baby bedding is comfortable, breathable and will help your baby to sleep deeper through the night. Our Melton Wool Mattress Protectors, Wool Puddle Pads and Wool Crib Comforters will nurture your baby night and day.

The New Life Baby Set special package includes a Crib Comforter, Crib Comforter Cover, Crib Mattress Protector and Puddle Pad.

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Customer Reviews

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Robin K.
Perfect Baby Shower Gift

This is my go-to gift for mothers-to-be. It's pretty enough to be placed in a decorative basket, will last through multiple children and still be in excellent enough condition to be passed along to the next generation.