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Heartfelt Wool Felt Mattress Protector



Our Felt Mattress Protectors are unique! Hand made by Heartfelt Collective of 100% EcoWool®, these mattress protectors are perfect atop any mattress. Bring wool’s body-loving benefits next to you for a restful night’s sleep. 

This is a hand made item. Our felts usually ship within 2-3 weeks. 

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Experience the benefits of wool with our Felt Mattress Protector! This hand-washable wool felt mattress protector works great as a top layer on a your bed. Please note that each Felt Mattress Protector is made by hand and may vary within a few inches from the stated size.

Our natural/ivory colored wool felt mattress pads are made from pure and natural EcoWool®. There are never any chemicals used in the processing of the wool, and all batches are tested to ensure the highest quality and safety. 

Each felt pad is created by pouring hot, soapy water on batting and then stomping on the wool. This process causes the fluffy wool batting to shrink into a dense solid pad. We complete the process by washing the felt mattress protector in a washing machine. The result is a beautiful, hand washable wool felt mattress protector!

Wool Felting—An Ancient Tradition

Wool felt is believed to be one of the first fabrics, and is still important in traditional cultures. In Mongolia, wool is felted and used as hammocks, clothing, and the walls for their yurts. Today, wool is felted into slippers, purses, hats, jackets, shoes, dolls and more! If you're interested in exploring the world of felted wool, check out our craft wool and wool batting.

Size Width x Length (Inches)
Single 41 x 78
Single XL 41 x 82
Double 56 x 78
Queen 62 x 82
California King 74 x 86
Eastern King 80 x 82

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Wooly Love

I got this to forever replace a traditional petroleum-based mattress pad. It's just what I expected from a quality wool product, comfy and lovely smelling! I've been slowly converting clothing/household goods to wool or linen. I'm very happy.

Maribel G.
The BEST mattress protector.

Absolutely love this mattress protector! Have been using it for the past 8 months through the worst of the summer and the cold winter nights and have never had a better sleep. Unlike regular mattress protectors, this one helps me regulate my cold/heat much better - so breathable! It also stays put on the mattress and doesn't slide or make any noise as you move in bed (no plastic). Also, it works excellent paired with our latex mattress for the ultimate comfortable sleep. It took a little while to get the order but so well worth the wait!

Artur Z.
amazing qulity

One of my favorite bedding products, So relaxing and comfortable. Thank you Shephard's Dream!

Absolutely lovely

These are beautifully made, very soft, easy to wash and our bed feels so luxurious.


Soft and cuddleworthy !