You Can Baaaa-lieve it, Wool Is Fire Safe!

Wool Is Fire Safe! An Excellent Material Used To Experience An All Natural Mattress!

With the up rise of investigating product safety in the United States our mattress and furniture industry is being subjected to a new wave of scrutiny to meet fire safe regulations. Any Mattress created in the Industry is required to pass an open flame test as well as a cigarette burn test, and they (the mattress industry) are free to use any variety of cloth, fabric, textile, or substance to build a mattress as long as it will pass these tests. Certainly there are many creative ways to do this, yet there is just one material that is all natural and completely fire retardant: Wool!


No need for the use of synthetics. No need for chemical treatments on fabrics, chemically blended materials, foams, sprays or formaldehydes…

 Pure & Natural, Biodegradable as well as Comforting & Calming, Wool is a champion at passing these necessary Federal safety tests! Untreated Natural Wool is fire resistant because of moisture existing within its filaments. This naturally occurring moisture found within each fiber of wool inhibits a flame & restricts the wool from actually catching on fire.

Shepherd’s Dream, Home Of The All Natural Wool Bed understands this miracle material to be the most ideal textile with which to produce an untreated mattress so that “You May Sleep Your Natural Best” and enjoy restorative rest without having to absorb the effects of off gassing which can occur when using more conventional style mattresses. Shepherd’s Dream is 100% confidant every time a Mattress is tested that it will meet and effortlessly pass the federal fire requirements & flame tests without added chemicals or fire retardants.

It is a delight to do something healthy and right for our precious body systems…Sleeping with a Wool Mattress can significantly reduce the amount of exposure & the possible harmful side effects resulting from being near toxic chemicals, toxin based fire barrier treatments, and polyurethane foams used in most bedding and/or furniture. Having the body rest in such a close proximity to an All Natural Mattress to me means greater relaxation and better sleep at night that I may begin a new day refreshed and secure with the Shepherd’s Dream assurance of a Naturally Flame Resistant, Completely Breathable, and Biodegradable mattress that is healthy for me and healthy for our planet!


Setting the standard for what a sustainable business looks like.


Simply put, if the grid went down tomorrow, we’ll be still in business.