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Wooden Slats for Bed Frames


Add our solid fir wooden slats for bed frames to any frame to create a breathable surface.  We use only the highest quality, sustain-ably harvested wood available.


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Our wooden slats for Bed Frames are made out of solid clear Douglas Fir and come in sets of 18 for singles and doubles or 20 for queens and kings. The slats are not attached by a backing, so they can be screwed into your frame or set in to slots as is done with our bed frames. A slatted surface is essential for breathability and support. You can also order latex padded slats or you can add latex to your slats at any time for extra cushion.  Our wooden slats are unfinished.

Place Your Mattress on a Supportive Slatted Bed Frame

  • Add solid fir wood slats to your frame for ideal airflow and support
  • A wood slatted frame allows your mattress to breathe therefore keeping you in your optimal comfort zone
  • Add latex strips for extra cushion

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