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Cotton Sateen Covers for Latex Slats


Our cotton sateen latex padded slat covers are ideal for protection and aesthetics. Since latex will quickly break down when in direct sun light, we strongly suggest adding our cotton covers for extra protection. Not only will these covers protect your latex, but they will also protect your heirloom quality mattress from the smell of the latex.  When you order our Beauty Frame with Latex Padded Slats, they will automatically come with the Cotton Sateen Covers installed and closed on the ends of even greater protection.


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With this extra layer of cotton protection, the latex slats and the wool mattress will last longer. Our cotton sateen covers also create a finished look to the latex that you are sure to be pleased with. The cotton covers are machine washable if needed, but we suggest they be washed on cold and lined dry as they are not pre-shrunk.  Complete your wool bed system with these elegant latex slats covers. These covers slide over the wooden slats with latex and are open on each end.

Protect Your Latex Padded Slats With Cotton Sateen

  •  Increases the longevity of the latex by protecting it from the sun
  • Creates a barrier between the latex and the all wool mattress, thus increasing mattress longevity
  • Creates a high quality, finished look

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