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Medicinal Wool Scarves


Our medicinal scarves are long strips of our Premium Eco-Wool batting. In it’s purest form, wool helps to heal wounds and relieve aches and pains.  This product works great for crafting projects as well.


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Wrap Medicinal Wool Scarves around your head when you have a headache or your neck when your throat is sore to aid in quick healing. Medicinal Wool Scarves are even helpful with healing open wounds. Our Medicinal Wool Scarves are 100% Premium Eco-Wool and available in ivory and also grey. Our wool scarves are amazingly soft to the touch. Nurture yourself with comforting wool batting!

The Healing Qualities of Pure Wool

  • Wrap a Medicinal Wool Scarf around your head or throat to relieve pains and sores
  • Made of Premium Eco Wool
  • Available in natural/ivory or grey
  • Wool is calming and nurturing


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