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Latex Strips for Bed Frames


Our Latex Strips can be added to your wood slats at anytime in order to create a foundation that provides extra give.  Our Talalay Latex Strips add a substantial amount of bounce to the wool bed without compromising the air flow and breathability.



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We sell our Latex Strips for Bed Frames both by the set or individually so that you can choose how many pieces you need according to your bed frame. Since the latex is 2 ½” wide, we recommend that your slats be the same width to accommodate for the latex.  We recommend adding our cotton sateen latex covers for extra protection.

Add Latex to Your Slats for a Little Extra Bounce

  • Latex adds a cushion to the wool bed system that cannot be achieved with 100% wool
  • Latex Strips for Bed Frames do not compromise the breathability of the wool bed  
  • Add our cotton sateen latex covers for protection and a finished look

This Talalay latex is a blend of 40% natural and 60% synthetic. We have chosen this combination because it lasts twice as long as the 100% natural and the smell is the same. Our latex is the firmest latex of the different densities. If you prefer 100% natural latex or a softer density, call our office and we will help you find what you are looking for. 1-800-966-5540.

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