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Wool Mattress Toppers
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Discounted Mattress Toppers & Protectors

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Our discounted Wool filled Mattress Toppers add the comfort and benefits of wool to any bed.  We offer both a super plush 3″ Snuggle Mate topper and a more compact 2″ Travel Mate top which is easier to take on the road.  Save on our discounted Mattress Toppers!

NOTE: These products have slight cosmetic damage or are slightly smaller or larger than our standard sizes.  Find a description of the flaw in the product description below.




Product Description

These products have slight damage, as noted below, but are otherwise in great shape and ready to use!

Add the Benefits of Wool to ANY Bed!

  • Place a natural, breathable layer between you and your mattress
  • Wool bedding has been proven to bring a deeper, more restful night of sleep
  • Reduce bedroom allergens with a wool mattress topper
  • Relieves painful pressure points and adds additional softness to your bed
  • Is naturally flame resistant and free of toxic chemicals

Travel Mate or Snuggle Mate Mattress Topper?

Different from the Snuggle Mate, the Travel Mate topper is ideal for people who would like to experience the benefits of wool next to their body, but don’t want to add a lot of cushion to their existing mattress. Many of our customers who have a latex mattress or a Tempurpedic, find this topper to work well with their existing mattress. Filled with our Premium Eco-Wool batting and covered with our thick, soft cotton sateen, this Mattress Topper has elastic on the corners so that it can be attached to your mattress. It is 2” thick and easy to roll up and transport for travel. Add the benefits of wool to any bed whether it is at a hotel, in a tent, or in your RV. You’ll never have to compromise again with this compact mattress topper. Though this mattress topper will compress between 30% to 40% within the first 6 months of regular use, wool always retains its comfort and natural resilience. If you are looking to add substantial cushion to your mattress, we recommend the 3” Snuggle Mate topper.

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