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Heartfelt Wool Medicine Felt

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Our Medicinal Wool Felts are unique and versatile.  Made of 100% wool, these wool pads are available in several different sizes and can be used as a mattress topper, car seat pad, rug, camping pad, massage pad or anything else you can think of.  Our light wool felts are New Zealand “World Class”, Ecologically produced wool.  Our dark felts are domestically produced wool.

Our light wool felts ship out usually within a week. The dark wool felts usually ship out within 2 weeks.


Earn up to 2610 Dream Points.


Experience the direct benefits of wool with our versatile Heartfelt Wool Medicine Felts.  Wool felts work great as a top layer on a your bed since they are hand washable. Thick and cozy, wool felts are the perfect addition to every bed. Keep in mind that each Heartfelt wool Medicine  felt is a piece of art and may vary within a few inches from the advertised size.  Our natural/ivory colored wool felts are 100% “World Class” wool from New Zealand. The colorful Heartfelt logo is placed in the corner of each felt.

Our naturally dark colored wool is domestically produced and luxuriously thicker than the lighter colored felt.  The color varies from a dark charcoal or brown to  lighter mottled grey.  The color changes are according to wool availability and we are unable to guarantee an exact shade.  The dark wool is perfect for use on the floor.  A grey version of the Heartfelt logo is placed in the corner of this felt.

Wool Felts are Versatile

  • Lightweight, compact travel bed
  • Stretching or yoga pad
  • Floor rugs or mats
  • Baby bed pads

Each felt is created by pouring hot soapy water on batting and then stomping on the wool. This process causes the fluffy wool batting to shrink into a dense solid pad. We complete the process by washing the felt in a washing machine.  The result, is a beautiful, thick,  hand washable wool pad that can be used in so many ways!

Wool Felting – An Ancient Tradition

In Mongolia, wool is felted and used as the walls for their yurts, hammocks and clothing. Today, wool is felted into slippers, purses, hats, jackets, shoes, dolls and more! We sell our wool batting if you would like to explore with felting wool.


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2 reviews for Heartfelt Wool Medicine Felt

  1. 5 out of 5

    The kids are sleeping better and longer hours! We got Heartfelt Wool Medicine Felts for each of my kids’ beds a couple of months ago. Since then my 5 year old son and 7 year old daughter have slept deeper (wake up less in the night) and sleep in longer than before. Especially my son loves how cozy it feels and will lay in bed day dreaming in the mornings until we snuggle him out of bed! My daughter said her bed feels like “a warm hug that wraps her up at night.” The felts are really affordable and once the kids grow out of their beds we can use the felts for the couch or picnic-ing etc. Thank you Shepherd’s Dream!

    • Thank you for kind and informative review! We are so happy to hear that your wool felts are improving your children’s sleep! This kind of news inspires us to keep doing what we love to do! Sweet dreams!

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I used to say quiet little mantras to go to sleep. And they are all very helpful.

    But, as I add one layer at a time of medicine felt to my bedroll – the ‘mantra’ has become –

    i love my bed. i love my bed. I love my bed.

    The deep medicinal purposes of these wool felts cannot be over-expressed.

    Truly healing. Quiet and supporting.

    • So wonderful! Eliana Jantz, the founder of Shepherd’s Dream and the creator of our Heartfelt medicine felts, will be so happy to hear this. May you continue to sleep soundly with your collection of wool felts! We appreciate your positive support!

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