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Beauty Frame with Latex Padded Slats


Our handcrafted solid wood, fir bed frame with latex padded slats is ideal for those who prefer a softer bed.  This unique bed frame design allows for breath-ability throughout the wool bed while still providing the natural give offered by latex.  You will love the combination of this with our Wool Mattress & Mattress Topper!

Place your mattress on a beautiful, supportive slatted bed frame

**Frame and headboard sold separately***




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Our Beauty Frame with Latex Padded Slats is perfect for many people who find our wool mattress on a slatted frame to be too firm for them. On its own, the all wool mattress is similar to the firmness of a futon and does not provide sufficient “give” for everyone. This is why we have designed our unique latex padded slat system. Latex provides a wonderful amount of give that is ideal for side-sleepers.  Our Beauty Frame with Latex Padded Slats comes with our cotton sateen covers for extra protection.

The height of this frame is 21″ from floor to the top of the latex.  This Beauty Frame with Latex Padded Slats can also be purchased in a low frame style.  Our Low Beauty Frame stands 11.5″ from floor to top of the latex, allowing for just enough airflow.  The Low Frame is ideal for people who prefer sleeping on the ground or for children who will have a short distance to go if they fall out of bed.

This beautifully crafted bed Frame with Latex Padded Slats is finished with AFM Safecoat Polyureseal that preserves, protects and brightens the wood.  This product is a water based, low VOC, low odor wood protector that works well for many people with chemical sensitivities.  For more information, Click here.

Add a Little Bounce to Your Bed

  • Latex padded slats provide extra cushion and buoyancy to our all wool mattress
  • Airflow is not compromised since there is still space between each slat
  • Latex is derived from a rubber tree and is sustainably produced
  • Our cotton sateen covers are included with your latex padded slats for protection and a finished look

We offer a Talalay latex blend consisting of 40% natural and 60% synthetic in the firmest density available. The reason we have chosen this combination is primarily for its support and longevity as it will last about twice as long as the 100% natural latex. There is a slight smell to the latex, but it will neutralize quickly. If you would prefer 100% natural latex or a softer density, please call our office and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Our frame is designed so that the latex can be added to the slats at any time. If you order your frame with latex slats, we will glue the latex on for you. We use Elmer’s Non-Toxic wood glue which works well for people with chemical sensitivities. If you order your frame without latex, you can later order latex from us and glue it on yourself following simple instructions that we provide.


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