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Single Wool Surround
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Single Extra Long Wool Surround

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Surround yourself in the comfort of wool with our special wool surround package.  You choose the type of wool topper, wool filled comforter and sleep pillow so that your wool surround is customized specifically for you!  Save 20% on your wool surround package and a free neck pillow!


Your choice of 2" or 3" topper.



Choose the perfect weight of comforter for you.



Select the pillow size and wool fill weight.


Neck Pillow

$30.00 Free!

Product Description

Reintroducing the Single Extra Long Wool Surround!  This package is the best way to transform your current bed into a natural, pure and breathable sleep haven.  With wool under you, on top and cradling your head, you will receive all the great benefits of wool for a deeper and more rejuvenating nights sleep.

You have your choice of our 2″ or our 3″ wool topper, regular weight, summer weight or winter weight comforter and your choice of sleep pillows including our popular Contour Sleep Pillow.  These items can all be ordered a la cart as well, but with the wool surround you will receive 20% off the order as well as a free neck pillow!  This is one of the best purchases you can make in order to better your sleep!

Surround Yourself With the Nurturing Qualities of Wool

  • Transform any bed into a natural and breathable sleep haven with the Single Extra Long Wool Surround.
  • With wool under you, on top of you and cradling your head, you will sleep more soundly through the night.
  • The Wool Surround will help to create a buffer from any harmful chemicals or off-gassing from a conventional or memory foam mattress
  • Wool will calm your heart rate, relieve body aches & pains and is naturally hypo-allergenic!

If you would like to customize your order further, please call our office and we will happily assist you.  800-966-5540.


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