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Wishing You a Happy Spring ~ Spring SALE!

The days are getting longer and warmer as the brilliance of spring returns once again.  It is an amazing gift to witness the blossoming of flowers, trees and little baby lambs all around us!  We celebrate this time with gratitude and joy. We are happy to announce the launching of our new Shepherd’s Dream LLC […]

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I sleep great no matter where I travel

When I travel away from home, I really like to pack my Shepherd’s Dream travel pillow and lightweight wool comforter, to take on my trip! Sure, I love sleeping in my wool bed while I’m at home, but why leave all that comfort at home, when I can easily take my “wooly comfort with me..!” […]

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How to naturally get a good night’s sleep

Our lives can tend to get busy, however, this 4-step combination is really simple, and it works to naturally get a good night’s sleep! #1 Start with the right pillow… I find it’s helpful to think about what kind of pillow firmness you are attracted to when testing pillows in a department store or while […]

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You Can Baaaa-lieve it, Wool Is Fire Safe!

Wool Is Fire Safe! An Excellent Material Used To Experience An All Natural Mattress! With the up rise of investigating product safety in the United States our mattress and furniture industry is being subjected to a new wave of scrutiny to meet fire safe regulations. Any Mattress created in the Industry is required to pass […]

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